Tantrum in company media about Biden working for the American folks as an alternative of holding press conferences

The corporate media complains that Joe Biden has already held a press conference, but ignores his work for the American people.

For example, Peter Baker of the New York Times tweeted:

At the time, Trump had held five press conferences. Obama had given two, George W. Bush three, and Clinton five. Biden has given zero so far. @farhip

– Peter Baker (@peterbakernyt) March 13, 2021

The Washington Post wrote a whole story about how Biden hasn’t hosted a press conference.

Do you know how many one-on-one press conferences Donald Trump held in the first year of his presidency? One. Trump held an individual press conference throughout his first year in office.

The corporate press is upset because without Donald Trump constantly highlighting them as the only media outlets, they have lost their status, lost their status. You miss Trump. Donald Trump made them a ton of money. Cash that did not exist during the Biden administration.

The Trump administration held tons of fake press conferences where Trump asked no questions or Trump appeared with other people such as foreign leaders and asked three hand-picked questions at joint events.

Trump was the least transparent president since Nixon, but the corporate media miss him because they’d rather have a president who puts on a show and makes them feel special than someone who does the work for the American people .

Joe Biden’s presidency is not for corporate journalists. It’s for the American people.

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