Biden Admin is Ending Insurance policies Exposing Potential Migrant Youngster Sponsors to ICE

“[B]Since otherwise suitable sponsors are now provided for arrest and deportation, children remain in detention for longer instead of being housed with family members, ”said the organizations. “In addition, some children are traumatized because they know that their desire to find a home has led to the imprisonment of a family member – or, conversely, children may refuse to cooperate with authorities at all, which also leads to longer stays in below-average detention centers leads . ”

CNN reported in late 2018 that Immigration and Customs (ICE) officials had at least taken into custody 170 people who had volunteered to possibly support a migrant child. The majority of these sponsors had no previous convictions, and proponents feared the sweeps would scare off other potential sponsors. Indeed, roadblocks like this one put in place by the previous government resulted in prolonged detention of some children, such as at the Tornillo, Texas detention center.

When announcing the official termination of the policy, the Biden government said it wanted to establish a clear line between the agencies, NPR reported. “We are our child protection agency,” a Biden government official said, according to the report. “We are not an immigration agency.” In the NBC news report, the official was advised that the policy was a “Chilling Effect” on Potential Sponsors.

The Biden administration announced the termination of the policy as it is taking a number of other urgent measures to safely get thousands of children out of unsuitable customs and border guards and to HHS for referral with sponsors. Another recent policy change tThe administration also announced that it would resume a program that allowed Central American children to join parents who are already in the US and have legal status.

At the previous administration ended the Central American Minors Program in 2017, nearly 3,000 children who had already been approved Reuniting parents in the US have been left stranded. Biden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in his announcement Reimplementation of the program where the first phase of the rollout would focus on “eligible applications that were closed at the time the program ended in 2017 and the second phase starts accepting new applications with updated guidelines.”

“Along with other efforts by the US government, the reopening of the CAM program is an important step in expanding the legal channels for humanitarian protection and opportunities in the US,” said the State Department said. “During the duration of the program, we safely and securely reunited nearly 5,000 children with their families. The program reflects our values ​​as a nation and represents our ongoing commitment to ensuring that our immigration system treats people with dignity and respect and protects the most vulnerable, especially children. “

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