Lieu requires an FBI investigation into the Atlanta shootings after the Georgia officer’s racist posts emerged

“Loved my shirt,” wrote Baker next to the picture. “Get yours while they last.”

This may not be the best man to judge what a racist motive looks like, and it certainly helps explain how, in his role as Sheriff’s Department spokesman, he was at least as attuned to the suspect’s basic humanity as he was Victim.

When Rep. Ted Lieu responded to Baker’s “bad day” excuse, “We’ve all had bad days. But we’re not going to three Asian companies and shooting Asian employees. “Lieu calls on the FBI to conduct its own independent investigation.”

“We know hatred when we see it,” Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock said on MSNBC. “We’ll get into the nuances, but only hatred drives you to take eight precious lives like it did.”

While Long told investigators that he was “sexually addicted” and viewed the spas and massage shops he attacked as a “temptation” that hardly rules out the race as a factor, considering, as Twitter user David Dennis Jr. pointed out: “He was so wildly addicted to sex that he drove past all of the strip clubs in ATLANTA to only talk to establishments where he knew Asian women work. “(If you haven’t been to Atlanta before, please trust there are plenty of strip clubs out there.)

Several Asian stereotypes could have flowed into targeting women of Asian origin in these shootings at the same time. Helen Kim Ho, a Korean-American founder of Group A.sian Americans Advancing Justice in Atlanta, listed a few for the Washington Post:We’re not really Americans, we’re always foreigners, and that idea plays a role with women as being over-sexualized, “she said. “All of this must have happened in this man’s mind. Besides the unspoken idea that Asians are easy targets. “

“Racially motivated violence should be called for exactly what it is and we need to stop making excuses and renaming it economic fear or sexual addiction,” said Rep. Marilyn Strickland said on Wednesday on the floor of the house. “As a black and Korean woman, I am very conscious of what it feels like to be deleted or ignored.” In this case in particular, the racist component of mass murder is erased and ignored by law enforcement agencies.

There has been an increase in anti-Asian racism in the US over the past year. The Stop AAPI Hate group tracked 3,800 incidents, 68% of which targeted women. It happened when Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans repeatedly blamed China for the coronavirus pandemic.

Aysha Qamar has compiled a list of resources to end anti-Asian hatred.

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