Abbreviated Pundit Abstract: No Dishonest, Only a Easy Previous Biden Victory … and a Massive Lie


Two of the most controversial voting cuts in Georgia appear to be gone. (for now)

The Senate’s urge to end the postal vote without an apology has not re-emerged after the opposition of the GOP leadership.

And now a House Committee is ready to actually extend the early election days / hours.

– Stephen Fowler (@stphnfwlr) March 18, 2021

Jason Sattler / USA Today:

Democrats will only blame themselves for making Republicans difficult to vote

Ensuring voting and protection against discrimination against voters are not only priorities, but also imperatives. And Democrats have the power to finish them off.

All Americans should be appalled by this coordinated attack on what Ronald Reagan called.the crown jewel of American freedoms. “But Democrats in Congress, especially in the Senate, don’t have time to be disgusted. You need to focus on the sad fact that this pathetic conspiracy to steal elections for the next decade or more could work very well. Light. But it could also be prevented almost as easily and with broad voter support. We know this because it already happened in my home state of Michigan.


The United States continues to do an extremely incomplete job of prosecuting crimes and harassment against minority groups, which can minimize such actions.

– Philip Bump (@pbump) March 18, 2021

Will Bunch /

A mass shooting in Atlanta stirs America’s post-Trump toxic, apocalyptic stew, COVID-19

On Tuesday, this young white man couldn’t wait any longer to bring three separate spas populated by Asian workers to hell. Sheriff MPs claim the shooter blamed what he believed to be a “sex addiction” that conflicted with his years of Bible study at Milton Church. Even before a cop’s freeway maneuver crashed the killer’s car en route to Florida – where he allegedly planned more violence – and arrested Long without a shot, the nation’s worst mass murder became in 2021 (yet) quick to a Rorschach test for us look at America and its many social ills.


Statistics of the day:

Navigator Research shows that for the first time since the pandemic began, more than half of Americans (54%) say “the worst is over” rather than “the worst is yet to come”.

Many thanks to the COVID team at @JoeBiden and @JeffZients

– John Anzalone (@JohnAnzo) March 18, 2021

Michael Grunwald / Politico Magazine:

The GOP Political Nightmare: Running Against a Recovery

The Democrats have just passed a massive spending bill with no GOP support. Why are Republicans talking about Dr. Seuss and the limit?

President Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill helped avoid a second global economic crisis, but it was a political fiasco. As then-Congressman Barney Frank liked to say, “Without us things would have gotten worse” was an unattractive message for a Democratic bumper sticker. Republicans relentlessly mocked the $ 800 billion incentive as a lavish pork festival, while Democrats fervently tried to change the subject.

Twelve years later, the policy of incentives has turned.

President Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill helped avoid a second global economic crisis, but it was a political fiasco. As then-Congressman Barney Frank liked to say, “Without us things would have gotten worse” was an unattractive message for a Democratic bumper sticker. Republicans relentlessly mocked the $ 800 billion incentive as a lavish pork festival, while Democrats fervently tried to change the subject.

Twelve years later, the policy of incentives has turned.

Democrats relentlessly exaggerate President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill as Republicans try to address the issue on Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head and the Mexican border. Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell, arguably the brightest Republican strategist in Washington, has started delivering a half-hearted anti-stimulus message that the imminent recovery would have happened anyway.

“We’re on the verge of a boom,” McConnell said last week after the Biden bill was passed. “And if we have a boom, it will have absolutely nothing to do with that $ 1.9 trillion.”

As a message, it means, “Without her things would have been just as great” – an even less appealing bumper sticker than Barney Frank’s.


New Morning Consult / Politico Tracking Survey is the second survey (after RMG Research) that found that Biden received an approval rating after handing over the COVID relief

Approve Reject
Consult tomorrow
March 8: 59/37%
March 15th: 62/34%

RMG Research
March 6: 53/39%
March 13: 57/37%

– Brandon (@Brand_Allen) March 17, 2021

Timothy Caulfield / Globe and Mail:

COVID-19, science and the dance of uncertainty

In the first weeks and months of the pandemic, there was uncertainty about masks and asymptomatic spread. There was uncertainty as to whether and when we would get a vaccine. There was uncertainty about which type of health policy worked best and was needed most. We all had to tolerate a lot of ambiguity. And as the vaccines hit the market, we’re being asked to tolerate even more. (When do I get a vaccine? Which one do I get? And what about the variants?)

For public health communication to be effective, the public must have confidence in the message. And unfortunately, for some, this trust is not there. ON Recent study The University of Calgary looked at pandemic communications and, unsurprisingly, found that “attendees felt that the public health news so far was contradicting and at times unclear.”

This perception is understandable. An atmosphere of seemingly relentless uncertainty and confusion was created by a combination from scientific realities, media practices, some less than ideal communication from policy makers and the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories.

The science of COVID was – and still is for some topics – extremely uncertain. While a growing body of evidence revolves around the most controversial subjects (such as the value from Masks and physical distancing Strategies), at the beginning of the pandemic there wasn’t much that was clearly. Science has evolved, and as you would hope with any evidence-based approach, the scientific advice and recommendations that have resulted from it have evolved too. But for some, changing policy, even if it is appropriate, has only contributed to a feeling of whether it is right or not Chaos.


🇩🇪🦠 Germany should resume coronavirus vaccinations with the Astra Zeneca vaccine from Friday, said Health Minister Jens Spahn. However, the vaccine will be given a warning label.

– Michael Knigge (@kniggem), March 18, 2021

Parker Molloy / Media Affairs:

The way Fox News presenters discuss vaccines is a public health nightmare

If Fox ever had time to undo its political agenda for the common good, it is now

Fox News has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning to end, a complete and utter disaster.

The conservative media giant has missed the mark at every step: Fox News is one of the reasons masks got political. Fox News is one of the main reasons people thought hydroxychloroquine was a miraculous COVID-19 treatment. Fox News is one of the reasons people believed the lie that COVID-19 was “just the flu”.

And now, just as the world is beginning to see some daylight at the end of that long and dark tunnel, Fox News is politicizing the COVID-19 vaccination surge.

Vaccines can end this pandemic if enough people are vaccinated. This does require a public buy-in, however, and prime-time coverage on Fox News has undercut that effort in a naked and dangerously partisan game. Indeed, while some Fox News Hosts and Anchors appeared in one Public Service Notice Released last month and urged viewers to get vaccinated, prime-time presenters took viewers in the opposite direction.


SCOOP: The US plans to send 2.5 million doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico and 1.5 million doses to Canada, government officials tell me. The loan does not affect @POTUS ‘goal of having enough vaccines for all adults in the United States by the end of May.

– Jeff Mason (@ jeffmason1) March 18, 2021

Nicholas Grossman / Bulwark:

Conservative fanboys

The conservative film universe is collapsing.

Fans of large fictional universes – Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Simpsons – often speak to each other in references. “I have a bad feeling about it.” “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys.” “BortaSnIvqu ” oH bortaS’e ‘. ”

These intra-group references can sometimes be exclusive – or even seem impolite to casual fans. But they can also be great fun, and hardcore fans can have faster, deeper conversations about stories they love.

In-speak has also caught on in the right-wing media. If you read up on Conservuseism Inc. these days, you will find that it relies so heavily on inside credentials and shared fiction that it is no longer available to the general public, even if it is more exciting to fans.

Aside from “radiation can give you superpowers”, there are things like “Donald Trump won the 2020 election”.


It’s a harrowing shift in bottlenecks, but it’s a reality. Only Pfizer & Moderna are on track for 600 million cans by July. The J&J supply is more than 10 million per month. We have 100 million Novavax in the pipeline. There are only 260 million people in the United States who are eligible for vaccines.

– zeynep tufekci (@zeynep), March 17, 2021

Thomas B. Edsall / NY Times:

Biden doesn’t want any part of the culture war that the GOP loves

The generosity of his $ 1.9 trillion relief bill has the added benefit of getting attention where he wants it.

The Sheer size With the funds released from the US bailout, the White House will gamble and divert voters’ attention from controversy Dr. Seuss, who can use what bathroom and critical race theory. So far the strategy works.

Biden has an austerity rating of 52.9 to 41.9, according to the Really clear policy Average of the last seven surveys and a Pew Research A poll in the first week of March showed that a decisive majority of voters, 70 to 28 percent, have a positive opinion of the Covid stimulus program.

After an overview of the Center for American Progress of the exceptionally generous provisions of the bill is the bill Cut child poverty in half and receive a minimum of $ 8,200 for a middle-income family of four, with one child under 6 and one child 6 years and older.

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