Republican fundraisers search to trick company donors into forgetting that they’re a celebration to rioters

Of course, not all of these corporate suspensions have adequately hit the crime. Many of them have indefinitely stopped all political donations while they were reviewing the policy (fingers against the wind). Some, like Microsoft, have since taken a pivotal stance, stating that they will cease all donations through 2022 to Congressmen who voted against Congress confirming the election.

In the meantime, the Chamber of Commerce has almost completely withdrawn, suspending political donations to GOP lawmakers who protested the election results. On March 5, the group announced that it would evaluate its support for candidates “”based on their position on issues of concern to the Chamber “along with their” proven commitment “to rebuilding the nation’s democratic institutions.

“”We do not think it appropriate to judge members of Congress solely by their votes on the election certificate, “the chamber noted in a memo. However, the organization noted a difference between cast a single vote and “organize the January 6 rally or continue to advance debunked conspiracy theories”.

This reversal seems to open the floodgates for corporate donors to come back into the game. A number of large companies, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, are still weighing their options after their initial suspension. Amazon, Facebook, AT & T. and Marriott, did not return any comment requests.

Dell Technologies said it “has no plans to re-examine the decision to suspend contributions to members of Congress whose statements and activities during the post-election period did not comply with Dell Technologies principles.” A UPS spokesman said the company’s political donation suspension was still ongoing.

But there is certainty in numbers and it is easy to imagine a group of companies announcing new guidelines in a matter of days, although it is not yet clear where the focus will be.

Even if corporations take a supposed middle ground, as the Chamber did, they will ultimately turn the tap on Republicans who may not have supported the insurgency or spread disinformation but nonetheless support a party that did.

Bottom Line: Any donation to a GOP candidate or legislature supports a party that has fueled electoral fraud for over five weeks and has contributed to widespread distrust of the election and the US government through its grassroots.

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