Biden wipes out, falls thrice on the steps of Air Power One

When President Joe Biden boarded Air Force One on Friday, he tripped twice and then fell while holding on to the banister. After recovering, he appeared to brush his knee off and then got on the plane.

Biden was en route to meet Vice President Kamala Harris and individuals from the Asian community in Atlanta.

The fall is a little difficult to watch:

President Joe Biden stumbles up the stairs to the Air Force 1

– The Hill (@thehill) March 19, 2021

President Biden stumbles as he walks up the stairs to Air Force One

– Daily caller (@DailyCaller) March 19, 2021

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield quickly took to Twitter to reassure the American people that Biden was unharmed and was on his way.

I know people saw President Biden slide up the stairs to AF1, but I’m happy to report that he’s fine and doesn’t even need the attention of the medical team that is traveling with him . Nothing more than a misstep on the stairs.

– Kate Bedingfield (@WHCommsDir) March 19, 2021

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White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre blamed the wind for Biden’s fall, saying, “It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell up the stairs myself. He does 100 percent. “

Update: WH-Spox Karine Jean-Pierre seems to blame the wind for the fall of President Biden

She told reporters aboard Air Force One:

‘It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell up the stairs myself. He does 100 percent

– Steven Nelson (@ stevennelson10) March 19, 2021

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The media questioned Trump’s health for a ramp walk

So far, there has been a noticeable lack of media to seize the moment or take the opportunity to question Biden’s health.

This was not the case with Donald Trump.

In a June 2020 report by The Guardian on an appearance at West Point, the media claimed President Trump was having trouble walking down a ramp.

Trump knew how the media would portray it and tweeted at the time:

“The ramp I went down after my speech at the beginning of West Point was very long and steep, had no handrails and, above all, was very slippery. The last thing I wanted to do was make the fake news have fun. I ran the last ten feet on level ground. Swing! “

Trump was right. The New York Times said, “Trump’s hold on the ramp raises new health issues.”

Much earlier, in 2017, the BBC claimed that Trump was “afraid of stairs” and quoted anonymous “insiders”.

The 2020 ramp moment headed for the campaign where Biden ironically nudged the president and bragged about his stair climbing skills.

Speaking to the media, Biden said, “Look at the way he kicks and the way I kick. Watch as I run up ramps and he stumbles over ramps. Come on.”

Biden previously bragged about his ability to climb stairs. So it’s fair game. Somebody should ask him about it at his press conference.

– Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) March 19, 2021

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Also, perhaps ironically, the aforementioned New York Times piece, which challenged Trump’s health, led the way with the following comment:

The president also appeared to have trouble putting a glass of water in his mouth during a speech at West Point the day before he was 74, the oldest a president had in his first term.

Joe Biden was 78 years old on the day he was inaugurated as President.

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One thing is clear.

Neither Biden’s fall nor Trump’s ramp run was nearly as bad as it was when Hillary Clinton passed out and collapsed while several handlers quickly loaded her into a van:

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