Evaluation: Donald Trump’s horrible, very unhealthy, not good 2021

2021 was not friendly to Donald Trump. He lost another dozen presidential elections, was charged again, and Mar-a-Largo was largely shut down after a mass outbreak of COVID-19. To top it off, New York District Attorney Michael Cohen interviewed for the eighth time this week to discuss Trump’s personal and business financial affairs.

This is bad news for Trump for two reasons: First, the New York District Attorney is not like Congress: They interview witnesses not just about the show, especially not eight times. An eighth meeting with Michael Cohen means the district attorney believes Cohen has sufficient and credible information about criminal acts committed by Trump and / or his company to support an indictment.

The second reason is more subtle, but more serious to Trump. New York Attorney General Tish James gets all the press, and it should, it’s great. But usually their domain is civil liability: fines or business closures and the like. The prosecution, headed by Cy Vance, handles criminal penalties. That Cy Vance is leading this investigation means New York is expecting someone to be jailed.

For four years, Trump loved waging war against his old home state. He’s on the other end now. Tish James is investigating his business and Cy Vance has now spent more time with Michael Cohen discussing Trump’s crimes than Trump himself. Someone is going to cry his empty orange head into his MyPillow tonight.

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