Kevin McCarthy on Biden’s borderline scenario – “Greater than only a disaster – this can be a human tragedy”

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), chairman of the minority of the House of Representatives, went to Fox & Friends on Friday to discuss the crisis currently raging on the US-Mexico border.

McCarthy addresses the border crisis

McCarthy went on to say that what is happening was “more than just a crisis” and described it as a “human tragedy” as he believes the number of immigrants who come in is not tested for COVID-19. The House Minority Leader urged Joe Biden to resume former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy in an attempt to resolve the issue.

“I broadcast two weeks ago [President Joe Biden] A letter to sit down with him to discuss this crisis and find ways to resolve it, ”said McCarthy. “The … President didn’t even respond with a meeting, nor did the administration respond.”

“So I sent him another letter yesterday after going to the border with 13 members,” he continued. “And we saw that it was more than a crisis. It’s a human tragedy. “

“What you find is what he has to do very clearly. We have included solutions in this letter. It has to be very clear to tell people not to come, ”McCarthy added. “You know, in the June debate, he told the immigrants to cross the border immediately. He has to finish the wall – the pieces that were built. He has to reinstate the rest in Mexico. He must keep Title 42. “

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McCarthy doubles

“The facility I went to, and which the secretary hopes to visit today, is a brand new facility built under the Trump administration – 98,000 square feet,” McCarthy continued. “They thought they would never reach capacity.”

“They reached capacity on Monday,” he concluded. “You saw children everywhere. It would break your heart At the same time, they moved 1,000 children to Midland, 3,000 to Dallas, and other cities around the country. And they don’t test them for COVID. “

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This came after White House press secretary Jen Psaki was unable to offer a schedule when asked when the public could see conditions inside the border fortifications. A reporter pointed out that it has been a whopping three weeks since Psaki was first asked about journalist access in facilities, saying, “Why are we still not seeing any pictures in these facilities?”

“The DHS oversees the Border Patrol facilities and we would like to work with them to make sure we can respect privacy and of course the health protocols required by COVID,” the press secretary replied.

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Reporter calls Psaki

The reporter pointed out that the Biden administration has not yet published any photos.

“Again, we continue to strive to share with you all the data about the number of children crossing the border, the steps we take, the work we do to open facilities and our own bar, which we ourselves put, share. To improve and speed up the schedule and treatment of these children, ”said Psaki.

“And we remain committed to transparency,” she added. “I don’t have an update for you on the timeline for access, but it is certainly something we support.”

This piece was written by James Samson on March 20th, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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