These are the individuals who died on the Atlanta spa shoots and the life they left behind

Hyun Jung Grant (whose maiden name is Kim) was the mother of two boys. She was killed while working at the Gold Spa in Atlanta. The older of their two children, 23-year-old Randy Park, spoke to the Daily Beast and said he found out about his mother’s murder while he was sitting in their home playing video games. He said that he hadn’t experienced much racism in his daily life, but everything he knew had been turned upside down. “It’s surreal. But I have a younger brother to take care of now, as much as I want to be sad and sad – and I’m super sad – I have no choice but to move on. To find out the whole life situation with my brother for probably next year. “

Park said he and his mother were very close and had dinner together before going to work each night. Park says his mother was his best friend. His mother “scratched her ass” to take care of her two sons, and Park knew that. He says his mother was a teacher in South Korea and “here in America she did what she had to do. She was a single mother of two children who dedicated their entire lives to raising children. “

Delaina Yaun and her husband went to Young’s Asian Massage to relax, Yuan’s sister told CNN. They were there to have some time together on a date. The couple had recently married in August and had an 8-month-old daughter. According to the BBC, Yuan also had a teenage son from a previous relationship. Yuan’s husband was in another room and escaped unharmed. Yuan’s sister told ABC: “He’s taking it hard. “

Paul Andre Michels was married and an army veteran who ran Company that installs security systems. He moved to Atlanta from Detroit 25 years ago and, according to his brother John Michels, was considering changing his career and possibly opening his own spa business. “His age has caught up with him. You get to a point where you are tired of climbing up and down ladders,” his brother said.

Xiaojie Tan reportedly owned two companies, including Young’s Asian Spa, which was where the filming took place. Tan was killed with her only child, Jami Webb, 29, two days before her 50th birthday. “She did everything for me and for the family. She made everything available. She worked 12 hours a day every day so that I and our family could have a better life, ”Webb told USA Today. Almost 20 years ago, Tan met Michael Webb, an American businessman in the southern Chinese city of Nanning. Webb and Tan were married in 2004 and Webb adopted Tan’s daughter Jami. The couple raised Jami together and although they separated in 2012, they remained close as Jami’s parents. “She always said, ‘We family’. Even when we got divorced, she would say, ‘We family’. Because she was like that, “said her ex-husband.

Longtime friend, customer, and co-entrepreneur Greg Hynson told USA Today that any implication that Tan and her business were involved in sex work was false. “They come here for a massage. All of these girls who have worked for them over the years volunteer for them. They are here for a better life. They are hardworking and work hard and all of the money they get.” Earning flows into a better life for her family. “According to Tan’s daughter, her mother called China to talk to her sister and mother on the way to and from work every day. According to Webb, they couldn’t bring themselves to Xiaojies.” Tell mother that her daughter had died. They performed the ceremony on Xiaojie Tan’s 50th birthday as if she were still alive. ”She kept asking to speak to my mother. We told my grandma that my mom lost her phone and couldn’t answer. “

The only survivor of the attack was 30 years old Elcias R Hernandez-Ortiz. The New York Times reports that Hernandez-Ortiz’s wife, Flor Hernandez received a call from him stating that he had been shot before the call was cut off. She set up a fundraiser for him and writes that he is staying in intensive care. She reports that he was shot in the forehead and his wounds included his throat, lungs and stomach. She says he’ll need facial surgery too. Hernandez-Ortiz continues to fight for his life as his wife says that the coming week includes their daughter’s 10th birthday. The BBC reports that his 9-year-old daughter Yoseline made this known to the news outlets “He’s a really good father.”

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