Unlawful immigrant admits that if Trump have been nonetheless president, he “undoubtedly would not” have crossed the road

A segment that aired on ABC’s This Week on Sunday featured a father illegally crossing the US-Mexico border.

The man who wanted to remain anonymous told ABC news reporter Martha Raddatz that he would not have crossed the line if Donald Trump had still been president.

“We use all of our resources.”

Since Pres. Joe Biden has taken office, a flood of migrants at the border has sought asylum in the United States. @MarthaRaddatz reports from the border between El Paso and Mexico.

– This week (@ThisWeekABC) March 21, 2021

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The illegal immigrant says he would definitely have crossed the line if Trump had been in office

He was from Brazil and was accompanied by his wife and children.

Raddatz prepared the scene by explaining the man’s circumstances.

“This father, who asked that we not show his face, traveled with his wife and three young children from Brazil to Mexico before crossing the border,” Raddatz told the television audience.

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Raddatz was then seen asking the man, “Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was President?”

“No way,” the man replied emphatically. “Certainly.”

He continued, “We had a chance, you know, but the same violence that is happening today was there last year.”

He stated that he and his family were monitoring the political situation in the United States to see what might be possible and what might be wise.

“We used to see the news,” he said. “I definitely wouldn’t do that.”

Martha Raddatz from ABC confronts DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: “If you have this great plan, why not let the media in?” Https://

– RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 21, 2021

The illegal immigrant is asked if he has crossed the border because Biden was now president: “Basically”

Raddatz then asked the opposite question.

“Did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?” Asked Raddatz.

“Basically. Basically,” said the man.

He added, “The main thing was the violence in my country and the second I think was Joe Biden. You know it made my hope easier, you know what i mean? “

Apparently, President Biden was seen by many migrants as more welcome to those wanting to enter the US illegally, the opposite of how many have perceived Donald Trump, at least according to this man.

On March 18, ABC News George Stephanopoulos asked Biden in an interview when he acknowledged that there was a border crisis and if the president were ready to make a stronger statement to potential migrants in the US.

Biden tells migrants in an exclusive interview with ABC News – ABC News via @ABC – that they are not coming around

– Anita Kumar (@ anitakumar01) March 16, 2021

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Biden told illegal migrants “don’t come over” just last week

Stephanopoulos said directly to Biden: “Do you have to be very clear: Are you not coming?”

Biden replied: “Yes, I can say very clearly: don’t come over.”

“Don’t leave your town or town,” added Biden.

This is obviously a very different message than that of the anonymous man from Brazil and his family.

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