Information Roundup: Infrastructure, Equal Pay, and One other Georgia Republican Plan to Thwart the State’s Voters

After Georgian Foreign Secretary Ben Raffensperger rejected Trump’s motion to overturn state election results, Republicans in Georgia responded with a bill that would give itself new powers to do what Trump called for.

On today’s news: Georgia Republicans are making yet another attempt to legalize the theft of partisan elections requested by Donald Trump after his loss. It’s Equal Pay Day, the day full-time American employees average what American men made in 2020. (Right: almost three extra months of work.) And the Democrats are pushing a new American infrastructure plan after four years of Republican efforts falls flat.

Here are some things you may have missed:

• The Georgia GOP Could Pass Dangerous Voters Law Tomorrow: Here’s How You Can Help Stop It

• A GoFundMe on her behalf raised $ 900,000, but the Asian grandma who hit her attacker doesn’t keep it

• Megan Rapinoe and other soccer stars went to Congress and the White House on Same Pay Day

• Biden, Democrats Advance Major Infrastructure Plan to Begin Nation Rebuilding

• Civiq’s polls show strong support for third parties across the political spectrum

From the community:

• Montana Governor illegally captures and kills Yellowstone Wolf

• Tennessee is pushing for the Bible to be a state book

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