Information Abstract: Georgia Voter Suppression Takes Setback; State-level Republicans goal abortion

Friday’s news was dominated by the Georgia Republicans’ attempt on Thursday to do everything possible to suppress the vote to the point that it wins. And since SB 202 is specifically targeting black voters, this must be seen as an intentional restoration of Jim Crow in order to at least be able to vote. Daily Kos continued our years of coverage of voting rights issues and covered this story throughout the day:

Black lawmaker arrested for attempting to expose Georgia Republicans celebrating their racist law.
Biden breaks down Republican electoral suppression, while Manchin believes their big lie.
The signing of the Georgia Voter Suppression Act looks even worse than it first appeared.
Watch as Stacey Abrams puts the long, long battle for access to voting in less than two minutes into context.

In other news:

Unusually large flood of laws restricting access to abortion in 44 states.
Zuckerberg is writhing out of recognition of Facebook’s central role in the Capitol uprising.
On Trump’s watch, COVID-19 agricultural aid was mostly for white farmers.
Biden’s administrator is calling on federal volunteers to help remove asylum-seeking children from U.S. custody.

From the community:

The MI GOP chairman calls Whitmer, Nessel and Benson “three witches” and talks about the murder of officials.
Black Kos, Week In Review – African Origins of Caribbean Music, Reggae, Calypso, Compas and Zouk.

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