Kayleigh McEnany beats up Biden – says he has a really low bar in comparison with Trump press conferences

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke out on Friday that President Joe Biden of the White House press corps is not subject to the same standard as his predecessor Donald Trump.

McEnany blows up Biden

When McEnany appeared on the Fox News Rundown podcast, he said that most of the questions asked of Biden during his first press conference since taking office on Thursday were lower than President Trump’s during his battle sessions with reporters.

“The bar was set very low for President Biden. There’s no doubt about that, ”said McEnany. “And I think the media is essentially saying that he crossed that very low bar when, in fact, he didn’t cross that bar if you analyze what he said. For example, you know that regarding immigration, he said that the vast majority of those who come to the border will be turned away. “

“We have an Axios report that says 87 percent of families are admitted and their cases are decided in the country,” she added. “Such issues, which would not be so unfounded in a Trump administration, would have been labeled lies or simply overlooked in today’s mainstream media.”

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McEnany says some reporters have been reinforced

While McEnany felt that much of the press conference was bad when it came to reporter questions, she said some journalists showed up to ask tough questions.

“There were quite a few reporters who rose on the occasion, including Kristen Welker,” said McEnany. “She had a very good question about transparency. And then she investigated that question, and the question before her from ABC similarly brought President Biden to a point of immigration. “

“But one thing I wish I had seen more is all reporters who ask difficult questions – unlike others [CNN’s] Kaitlan Collins, who asked if he will run for re-election – but then you come with follow-ups and you kind of miss out on the caustic, vitriolic follow-up you got in the Trump era which is a good thing because I don’t think that’s particularly helpful to the American people, ”she concluded. “But there is a remarkable contrast between the two administrations.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on March 26th, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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