Donald Trump desires to bypass his Fb ban by showing on his daughter-in-law’s web page

Donald Trump has a lot of thoughts about Joe Biden and how he handles things. This was made clear this weekend. The former president called Fox News several times this weekend to moan about his successor.

Unfortunately for Trump, the only people who heard his complaints were Fox News viewers. After the uprising he instigated in January, the 45th President was banned from almost every relevant social media platform.

But Trump may have found a workaround for his problem. His daughter-in-law Lara Trump recently announced that she will interview Trump through her Instagram feed.

Donald Trump is banned from both Instagram on Facebook. As of now, however, it looks like the platforms will allow him to appear on video.

Lara Trump, fresh from the announcement that she was going to work for Fox News, told followers, “Okay everyone, you know what? I have quite a surprise for you later that evening. Guess who will be sitting in that chair. You guessed it, my father-in-law, the 45th President of the United States, my father-in-law, President Donald Trump. “

Join me on The Right View tonight – we have a HUGE guest – President Donald Trump !!! At 8pm, go to to see! 🇺🇸

– Lara Trump (@LaraLeaTrump) March 30, 2021

It’s quite a turning point for Lara. Mary Trump revealed in her book: “At one Donald Trump pointed to his son Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Trump, and said, “Lara, I hardly knew who she was, to be honest, but then she gave me a great speech during the Georgia election campaign.” At that point, Eric and Lara had been together for almost eight years. “

The interview will air tonight.

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