Georgia Republicans are attempting to loosen gun legal guidelines after the Atlanta shootings

Passed with 34 Republicans in favor and 18 Democrats against Democrats, House Bill 218, “Act Amending the Code Section 16-11-126“Allows non-state individuals to legally carry hidden weapons when they are licensed in their home state. Because it is very annoying not to be allowed to drive all your weapons to another union state and realize that state has its own laws governing public health and safety, but that’s not all: Senate Republicans have added several amendments to this bill that allow: “Probate judge to process gun licenses and license renewals online ”instead of having to appear in court in person. Such a burden! They also added a law prohibiting the governor from “closing gun manufacturers or shooting ranges during a public emergency”.

As Northwest Georgian News reported, “Coincidentally, the main sponsor of the legislation, Republican Mandi Ballinger, is from Cherokee County, where the suspect lived and where the first group of victims was located.” When Ballinger first presented the bill, he stated, “Nobody has lower standards than Georgia for concealed wearing permits.” Senator Elena Parent argued that legislature’s time should be better spent studying gun violence than relaxing gun laws. “We don’t have to shoot three facilities in our state and see eight people dead, ten more people follow six days later. We don’t have to live in fear of the next mass shootings. We don’t.” I don’t have to endure this large number of grieving families. “

Republican State Sr. Bo Hatchett delivered this rousing speech: “This is a second amendment protection bill that further recognizes Georgia’s commitment to protecting its citizens and their second amendment rights.” All the signs are Gun sales have increased during the pandemicSo it’s not that anyone would even remotely take away other people’s guns these days. And since it has been forever since the United States even considered the guns legislation with common sense, there is no plan to take away anyone’s guns.

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