AOC: Calling the surge in migrants on the border “surge” or “invasion” promotes white supremacy

MEP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) questioned the border crisis as a “surge”, saying the term promotes a “militarist framework” that is “a white supremacist idea”.

AOC, a member of the “squad” on the far left, made the comments during a Tuesday night Instagram Live session with their followers.

“You mean, ‘But what about the wave?’” Said Ocasio-Cortez. “Well, first and foremost just bowel control, stop it. Anyone who consciously uses the term “wave” around them tries to invoke a militaristic framework. “

The statement really shows the socialist democrat’s inability to grasp that certain words have multiple meanings.

Yes, an increase may be associated with military terminology, such as was often cited during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it also describes, according to an Oxford definition, “a sudden powerful forward or upward movement, especially through a crowd”.

There is definitely a crowd moving towards and across the southern United States border.

AOC on Instagram Live across the border:

“Anyone who consciously uses the term ‘wave’ around you is trying to conjure up a militaristic framework … This is not a wave. These are children and not insurgents. “

– Daily caller (@DailyCaller) March 31, 2021

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AOC claims using the word “surge” promote white supremacy

After the AOC proposed using the word “surge” at the border to define migrants as “insurgents”, the AOC implied that anyone using the term to promote the idea of ​​an “invasion” at the border, promotes white supremacy.

“And that’s a problem, because this is not an upswing, these are children and they are not insurgents, and we are not attacked, which by the way is a white supremacist philosophy of ideas, the idea that if someone else comes into the population, that This is an invasion of who we are, ”she claimed.

The transition to a racist term is typical of a member of the Democratic Party who simply finds a way to portray political opponents as racist at every turn.

AOC says, “It’s not a border crisis,” calls “Surge” a white supremacist idea. 🤪🤡

– “Maggie VandenBerghe” (@FogCityMidge) March 31, 2021

Critics were quick to point out that Ocasio-Cortez could not understand the various definitions of words she was able to connect.

RealClearPolitics President Tom Bevan said, “Not knowing the difference between the meaning of ‘rise’ and ‘insurgent’ and then using it as a topic of conversation for white supremacy is the highest AOC.”

Julio Rosas, senior writer at City Hall, tweeted, “I used the term“ rise ”because more people than usual are entering the US illegally. I’ve seen him with my own eyes every night for the past week. ”

I don’t think she knows anything about the dictionary

– Crippled by depression, but I’m simple for Pinkyorange4 (@ Alexjonesbones1) March 31, 2021

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Biden called it an increase

If the use of the term “surge” is controversial, AOC may want to have a discussion with President Joe Biden.

During the third primary democratic debate, Biden used the phrase “immediately to the limit”.

What I would do as president are a few more things because things have changed. In fact, I would make sure there is – we rush to the border immediately. All people who seek asylum deserve to be heard. This is us. We are a nation that says if you want to flee and free the oppression, come.

“Immediately to the limit”

– The Columbia Bugle @ (@ColumbiaBugle) March 31, 2021

Biden has since suggested that migrants should not show up at the border, but even Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas has admitted that the United States is well on its way to attracting most migrants “in the past 20 years” to see at the limit.

Given the scale of the crisis, it is surprising that the AOC is actively defending for the president by focusing on the idiom.

After all, it’s the same woman who did a dramatic photo session at the border in 2018. The same woman who consistently claimed the same facilities for migrants were “concentration camps”.

I will never forget that because it was the moment I saw with my own eyes that the America I love became a nation that steals refugee children from their parents and imprisons them.

After that, more children died. So far, no one has been held accountable.

We have to save these children.

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) June 25, 2019

“Funny how the AOC went downhill [Texas] for the winter storm, but she can’t bother coming down now to see what happens, ”added Rosas.

AOC accused the previous administration of placing migrants in “concentration camps” in connection with World War II.

Now it insists that anyone who calls the border crisis a “boom” is deliberately creating a “militaristic framework”.

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