Information Roundup: Gaetz is below investigation; ‘Herd immunity’ shut; Democrats put together infrastructure plan

On today’s news, the New York Times revealed that Republican MP Matt Gaetz has been under federal investigation for months into possible sex trafficking with a 17-year-old boy.

Here’s what you may have missed:

• MP Matt Gaetz under federal investigation into possible sex trafficking

• America is less than 50 days prior to achieving herd immunity if vaccination rates apply

• Schumer is considering extreme measures for the infrastructure bill and proves that the filibuster has to go

• Conspiracy crazies and Republican Grifter now freak out about “vaccination records”.

• The all-white jury does not return convictions for officers who allegedly brutalized the black detective’s veteran

• Two weeks after the mass shootings in Atlanta, Georgia Republicans relax gun laws

From the community:

• New GOP Governor Revelations Prove COVID-19 Was Really American Genocide

• Membership in US churches has dropped to 47%

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