Matt Gaetz may have despatched himself to jail with Bonker’s Tucker Carlson interview

MP Matt Gaetz volunteered on allegations with child prostitutes in an interview that gave the DOJ more clues in the investigation into him.


Matt Gaetz’s attorney should stop immediately as Gaetz volunteered a story about pictures of him with child prostitutes, only to deny something he wasn’t asked about.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 31, 2021

Gaetz volunteered when Tucker Carlson asked him at the beginning of the investigation, “You know, I saw this again as a deeply disturbing challenge to my family on March 16, when people were talking about a minor and there were pictures of him I work with child prostitutes. Obviously wrong. There will be no such images because nothing like that happened. But in fact, it was on March 16 th when this began from an extortion standpoint. “

Rep. Gaetz went on to claim he was the real victim and at one point alleged that host Tucker Carlson was charged with a sex crime.

Gaetz carefully selected his words when asked about the 17-year-old girl, saying only that he had never led her across state lines. The Florida consent age is eighteen years. So if he did something with a seventeen year old, he was breaking the law.

The interview was a dumpster fire, and no competent lawyer would have advised Gaetz to blow up and talk about it during the ongoing criminal investigation.

Gaetz acted like a guilty party trying to distract and distract with the whole blackmail story that seems to have been made up.

If the DOJ needed more pointers, Matt Gaetz gave them some in an interview that was both self-incriminating and confused.

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