Fox ‘Campos-Duffy: Michelle Obama’s mission is to make the navy much less manly

Since Joe Biden took office, Fox News has tried to haul him at every opportunity. However, Biden has got off to a good start. Americans are vaccinated much faster than expected. And the stimulus package passed by the president was supported by a large majority in the country.

Hence, the conservative network has mainly resorted to the US-Mexico border and Joe Biden’s dogs. With so little controversy, Fox turned back the clock on Thursday to blow up one of her all-time favorite destinations: The Obama’s.

Rachel Campos-Duffy this time targeted Michelle Obama, claiming she was on a mission to make the military less manly.

The host began: “T.The last remnant of the remaining pro-American meritocracy was the US military. From a progressive point of view, the military was too manly, had far too many Republicans and a dangerous talent for turning minorities into patriotic, independent conservatives. Couldn’t stand that. “

Campos-Duffy continued:

“Michelle Obama’s decision to make military spouses her main initiative as first lady was the first indication that she was targeting the US armed forces. In Obama’s second term, a stealth takeover of Top Brass – Top Military Brass was underway. Officers who were aligned were promoted. A general who followed and pushed the progressive agenda could expect a lucrative afterlife on corporate boards already populated by the Obama-Clinton world. “

Courtesy of Fox News, watch a clip of the following segment:

Rachel Campos-Duffy claims Michelle Obama’s mission is to make the US military less manly.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) April 2, 2021

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