Information Roundup: Infrastructure Week; Georgia’s company setback; The police knew the US Capitol was the goal

From the replacement of lead water pipes to the expansion of local transport, the “infrastructure” can finally get a budget boost.

It’s Infrastructure Week Finally: After four years of stonewalling and Republican inaction, it took the Biden administration less than three months to put in place a $ 3 trillion plan to modernize American roads, local transportation, water pipes, and other neglected public works. Georgia Republicans are under attack by the state’s corporate giants. In the meantime, the January 6 insurgents’ investigation continues.

Here are some things you may have missed:

• Biden is promoting a one-time investment in America in its infrastructure plan

• With a 2: 1 lead, voters support a $ 3 trillion infrastructure plan funded by taxes on wealthy businesses

• Georgia is facing a setback over the Law to Suppress Racist Voters

• The inspector’s general report shows that the Capitol Police knew that Congress itself was the target on the 6th.

• The indictment for the role of January 6 threatens. The chief of the oath guard is still spreading disinformation at the border

From the community:

• To the anti-Vaxxers out there

• ALL. NEW. BALL GAME. The ACA registration is BACK and it’s now a #BFD. Here are 10 important things to know:

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