Matt Gaetz goes down after reviews of potential intercourse trafficking in a number of girls are launched

Matt Gaetz’s political career disintegrates in real time as new reports show that Gaetz allegedly had drug orgies with women he paid for sex.

The New York Times reported:

Some of the men and women took ecstasy, an illegal hallucinogenic drug, before having sex, including Mr. Gaetz, two people familiar with the encounters. In some cases, Mr. Gaetz asked women to find others who might be interested in having sex with him and his friends, such as two people familiar with these conversations. Should anyone inquire about their relationships, one person said Mr. Gaetz told the women that he had paid for hotel rooms and dinners as part of their dates.


It is not illegal to offer adults free hotel stays, meals, and other gifts, but if prosecutors believe they can prove that the payments to the women were for sex, they could accuse Mr. Gaetz of “violence, fraud” on the women. to act or coercion. “For example, prosecutors have brought human trafficking charges against people suspected of providing drugs in exchange for sex because feeding another person’s drug habit could be viewed as a form of coercion.

Matt Gaetz continues to issue weak denials and urge his extortion diversion, but the reality is that the investigation against Rep. Gaetz is deep and may have uncovered significant crime well beyond the child trafficking investigation.

Even if Gaetz isn’t charged, it’s impossible to see how his political career will continue. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy refuses to remove Gaetz from his committee duties unless convicted, but it is difficult to imagine that these allegations would keep voters in Gaetz’s conservative district holding on to him.

Matt Gaetz isn’t going to get the conservative media job he’s supposedly researching. The chances are better that Gaetz will end up in a prison cell in the coming years than on a television screen.

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