Information Roundup: Florida Floodgaetz Open; GOP battle in opposition to LGBTQ kids, immigrant kids, yoga kids?

Even in a postal-incompetent administration, a lot of news comes onto the market on a Friday. Much of this news is positive as our competent administration is helping hundreds of millions of Americans affected by the previous administration. Some of this news is negative, as the Republican Party’s lack of popular political ideas means that its entire identity is based on the belief that we shouldn’t be a democracy.

Here are some things you may have missed:

Watchdog is looking for documents between the former illegally appointed DHS official and the ICE union

Another legal challenge for Obamacare shows how dangerous Trump’s Supreme Court is

The key provisions of the Democratic Suffrage Act have strong support with room for growth

Republicans are pushing for not one but two anti-LGBTQ bills in Montana

Citing fear of Hindu indoctrination, Alabama GOP blocks efforts to lift 28-year-old yoga ban

Clinics for black and brown mothers are risking closure with New York’s new “money-saving” budget plan

From the community:

FOX News refuses to air the chauvin murder trial, and this video shows why

Family feud: Siblings of GOP MP Gosar from Arizona call on him because he instigated a riot in the video ad

Autograph hunting in the age of the New York Giants, New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers

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