Opinion: The neoconservative motion overtly rejects democracy and welcomes fascism

If there was any doubt that Republicans are fascists who work passionately behind the scenes to establish one-party rule, a “Brand” article in a far-right publication should dispel any misconception that conservatives support America or its increasingly fragile democracy.

The right-wing publication “American Mind” is the product of the Claremont Institute, which has been described as an “influential conservative think tank.” A more accurate description is a fascist organization that seeks to decimate American democracy and replace it with a far-right political movement.

Indeed, the aforementioned “Incendiary Essay” argues that “America has been destroyed by enemies within” who “do not believe, live by, or even like the principles, traditions and ideas that until recently defined America as a nation and as a people.”

Of course, the essay’s author, Glenn Ellmers, is referring to what he describes as most people living in America who are “non-Americans who support a party that promotes mob violence, reckless censorship, and racial abuse, not to mention bureaucratic despotism. “

Ellmers speaks of anyone who opposes the GOP’s undemocratic machinations and crusade to establish fascist one-party rule.

As Zack Beauchamp noted at Vox:

“Until recently, the right-wing rebellion against American democracy has often been subtle and expressed in ‘tricky franchise changes’ without fully acknowledging what is happening [GOP] Legislators actually do. But sometimes the mask slips – and someone in the Conservative movement openly tells you what’s really going on. “

The essay in American Mind openly informs Americans “what’s really going on,” and it is very telling that everything that was terrible to many Americans before the rise of Trumpism is absolutely true.

It’s not that Republicans started anything new with Trump’s rise, but anything that contradicted the maintenance of a strong democratic society became part of the official GOP movement and their now blatant pursuit of fascism: specifically, the demonization of something the Opposition is similar to the radical conservative movement.

According to Ellmers, the conservative brand doesn’t really capture what new fascist American law should be about. In his view, “conservatism means preserving or protecting something that already exists,” but he claims that there is next to nothing worth saving.

Based on Trump, Ellmers writes:

“The US Constitution no longer works. What is really needed now is a restoration or re-establishment of America as it was long and was originally understood but now exists only in the hearts and minds of a minority of citizens. “(Author bold)

Ellmers does not even try to hide that it is a “minority of citizens” who should be controlling and to protect America from “most of America” ​​he claims to be “non-Americans or extraterrestrial Americans”. And it is noteworthy that he did not mean cultural minorities; he meant Americans who support democracy. And if this MAGA minority has to destroy democracy in order to implement their fascist rule, then so be it. He writes:

“Our norms are now hopelessly corrupt and must be destroyed. It’s been like this for a while – and MAGA voters knew it. In almost all cases, the political practices, institutions, and even rhetoric that govern the United States are hostile to both freedom and virtue. “

This divisive demonization of an American who does not support the fascism that Ellmers speaks about is pure Trump, with valuable help from his fascist supporters in Congress.

They have taken the “them versus us” mindset to dangerous levels by claiming, “real Americans need to recognize the nefarious forces that are destroying America; the progressive or awakened or “anti-racist” agenda that is now corrupting our republic. ”

This is pure fascist rhetoric, and while it was always subtle before Trump, it’s mainstream now.

Before sending his insurgent insurgents to overthrow the legal government on Jan. 6, Trump implied that their US’s very existence was at stake, saying:

“If you don’t fight like hell, you will have no more land.”

In 2019, Republican Senator Josh Hawley warned real Americans:

“We are back at one of the great turning points in our national history when it comes to the fate of our Republican government.”

And in 2020, Minority Chairman Kevin McCarthy stated:

“Democrats want to defuse, destroy and dismantle our country.”

The creation of an enemy of the people is a purely fascist machination to gain support for the destruction of democracy necessary to create fascist one-party rule. Republicans in the states are doing their part by passing laws to suppress voters who have nothing to do with electoral security. Indeed, Georgia’s fascist governor admitted this on tape, saying that Republican legislation disenfranchising democratic voters “has nothing to do with potential fraud, but rather deals with the mechanics of elections”.

He is right that creating an electoral mechanism that suppresses minority votes is not about fraud. Ultimately, it is a matter of guaranteeing that the one-party rule applies

Many Americans knew that Trump’s rise posed a serious threat to democracy. And they knew that along with Republican attempts to suppress voices that did not support Trump’s aspirations to be a fascist dictator posed an existential threat to democracy.

Until now, however, they most likely never expected any Republican or Conservative organization to openly reject democracy, leading to the question of whether “most Americans” will understand that the nation’s fragile democracy is really so existentially threatened as the Republican Fascism no longer a conspirator is a threat because it’s already here.

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