Information Roundup: Martin Luther King Jr. Recalled; Heartbeat payments; Republicans misbehave

It was a quiet Easter Sunday, but there is still news. Here’s some of what you might have missed.

• ‘I’ve decided to identify as Chinese’: Mike Huckabee tweeted gross ignorance

• Boehner let the vitriol fly during the wine-soaked recording of the audio book. One target was Ted Cruz

• We are still fighting 53 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

• Heartbeat calculations are not just a war on women; they are an attack on the right to privacy

From the community:

• Hank Aaron’s grandson to Kelly Loeffler: ‘Keep my grandfather’s name out of your mouth’

• Gaetz: “The purpose of the 2nd amendment” is to enable “armed rebellion against the government”.

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