The person from Michigan confronts the right-wing extremist gun drivers: “Get your fuck weapons out of our city.”

Right-wing “boogaloo” right-wing extremists publicly carried their guns when confronted by local residents who told them to get their guns out of their town.

Video of an Ann Arbor, Michigan resident who refuses to be intimidated by domestic terrorists:

“Get your damn guns out of here man!” – an angry viewer of long gun boogaloos in Ann Arbor, Michigan (video via @FordFischer)

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) April 4, 2021

The Boogaloos are fighting right-wing extremists who emerged from white supremacy, neo-Nazis and, more recently, libertarianism. The militias have set themselves the goal of starting a second civil war.

The reason they carry long guns in public is to intimidate people, but the Ann Arbor resident didn’t have it. He said to the extremists: “We don’t need that. We went through a pandemic. Get your damn guns out of here, man. “

He continued, “The law is that you (the police) are responsible, not you. Get the fuck out of our town. “

The viewer asked the right wing militia if they were part of the Capitol attack, and they replied, “The Trumpers? God no. “

The American people have had enough. No longer will you be intimidated by right-wing extremists carrying guns and trying to play cops or soldiers on the streets of America. Ann Arbor is one of the most liberal university cities in America.

After years of Trump and right-wing extremism, something has changed as there are growing signs that most Americans have had enough and are no longer bullied by the far right.

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