Progressives try to maintain Wisconsin’s prime academic posts underneath management for a very long time in Tuesday’s elections

In February, Kerr narrowly led 27-26 in a five-way primary, which was marked by sharp differences in the support bases of the two candidates. Underly is supported by Wisconsin’s entire Democratic Congress delegationincluding Senator Tammy Baldwin and a number of State Democrats. It also has the support of several teacher unions in the state. (Evers has stayed out of the race, however.) Kerr has now identified himself as a Democrat and claims to have supported President Biden in 2020 but did so was endorsed by former Republican Governor Scott Walker and pro-charter school groups.

Underly has a huge $ 1.2 to $ 170,000 donation advantage over Kerr, a benefit that extends to external spending as well. Allies have allies injected $ 766,000 into the raceWhile the most notable pro-Kerr group, the American Federation for Children, has spent far less than $ 57,000.

Both candidates faced different controversies during the race. The day after she secured a spot in the runoff election, white Kerr posted a bizarre tweet claiming She had been the victim of a racist charge aimed at attacking black people. Shortly thereafter, both Kerr’s campaign manager and legal advisor resigned. Kerr had benefited from Republican support during the primary, but as noted by the AP’s Scott Bauer, that sudden change in staff was may have predicted the shift to the right Your election campaign took place in the second round of voting.

Kerr has also come under fire for allowing the executive director in her school district to stay for nearly a year and a half after overdrawing bank accounts by nearly $ 500,000 in 2009 in a television commercial. For her part, Kerr claims she investigated this incident as soon as it was brought to her attention.

Underly has faced a backlash for sending her children to private school for two years while her family lived in Madison. Underly defended the decision, saying the school was a better match for their childcare needs.

The race included the classic fights between public schools and charter schools, which are often about races focused on education, but also the issue of the COVID era that schools are reopening for personal tuition was an issue. While the head of state does not have the power to make these decisions, Kerr did aggressively pushed for the reopening of all school districts across the state. Underly’s stance was more subdued, despite advocating that reopenings be based on the discretion of each school district.

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