In keeping with the duty power, unverified information might reveal extra separations on the border than beforehand recognized

Lee Learned, the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) lead attorney in the ongoing family segregation litigation, said attorneys told the court we would have to return to the government if we suspected there might have been families up in The past were separated from the first six months of the Trump administration, ”the report continued.

“We now believe that there could have been breakups in the first six months of the Trump administration, and we applaud the Task Force for agreeing to review cases during that period,” Gelernt went on in the report With additional breakups, it is important that we find every last child who has been cruelly taken from their parents by our government. “

The ACLU announced in late 2019 that 5,460 children on the southern border had been stolen by the previous government before, during and after official family segregation policies. “The government identified 2,814 separated children who were in state custody on June 26, 2018, “NBC News reported at the time.

But while Judge Dana Sabraw ordered a halt to politics earlier this month, border officials took advantage of a loophole in his decision and stole an additional 1,090 children, sometimes based on outright lies, including falsely accuse Parents flee from gang violence because they are gang members themselves. One such parent, Adolfo, was separated from their two children for 184 days as a result of this lie. The ACLU then announced that 1,556 children had been stolen as of July 2017, months before a policy was officially implemented the following spring.

Lawyers and attorneys have worked to reunite children and parents since the June 2018 court ruling still struggles today to reunite families broken up by the previous government.

In court documents this week, they said they still cannot find the parents of 445 children. “Attorneys believe the parents of 302 unreached children have been deported to Central America while the parents of 129 children are somewhere in the US,” another NBC News report said. “The lawyers say the government has not yet provided contact information for the parents of the remaining 14 children.” This was and is a humanitarian catastrophe.

“Our government has taken children from their parents on our behalf with no rudimentary ability to track their location,” America’s Voice said in a statement Thursday. “As MP Veronica Escobar (D-TX) specified In a recent podcast hosted by The Intercept, Stephen Miller was said to be “behind bars” for his role in “heinous human rights abuses” such as family separation. ”

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