Pelosi says she will not give Republicans something in regards to the infrastructure invoice

Spokeswoman Pelosi said she would not make any changes to the infrastructure bill to get Republican votes.


Spokeswoman Pelosi makes it clear that she will not change the infrastructure bill to get Republican votes because, as everyone knows, no matter what changes she makes, Republicans will never vote for the bill.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) April 11, 2021

Speaker Pelosi was asked on CBS ‘Face The Nation, “What you just set out there has only Republican support. It’s the rest of the package that Republicans are big and for the most part objecting to. Can you zoom out to focus on the parts you sketched? Roads, bridges and waterways? “

Spokesman Pelosi replied, “No, because the infrastructure is about education and children are brought to school healthily through separation, hygiene and ventilation. It’s about investing in housing. Most of the bill is about infrastructure in the traditional sense of the word. We also believe that the infrastructure needs workforce development so that the workforce is fully involved in our progress and childcare so that women can also participate. So it’s a physical infrastructure. Human infrastructure is also involved. The number they use is ridiculous to say it’s only a small percentage of the bill. It’s mostly about what the legislation is about, and some newer versions of the why – how we’re building the infrastructure so that the rebuilding gets better. That means that we all go the way together. “

Spokesman Pelosi knows that no House Democrat will vote against the infrastructure bill because it is not big enough or for some other small reason. She has the votes to pass the bill.

Democrats learned an important lesson from seeing Republicans operate during the Trump years. You have the power and you use it.

Democrats in Congress do great things, and it doesn’t matter if Republicans in Congress support what they do, as long as the American people do it.

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