Matt Gaetz is now linked to an unlawful marketing campaign funding program in Florida

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has been linked to a program to illegally fund campaigns for fake Democratic candidates in Florida.

Glenna Milberg from the WPLG reported:

#Florida Cong. Matt Gaetz is now committed to winning a candidate for a Senate election. This thread shows how * this * ghost candidate is directly linked to two So Fla shills that we blew up last November.
It’s in the money trail that led to Frank Artiles’ arrest.
Let’s go: @ WPLGLocal10

– Glenna Milberg (@GlennaWPLG) April 12, 2021

All 3 were registered as non-party, did no campaigns, no fundraisers, nothing. Yet they were supported by two political action committees: “Our Florida” and “The Truth”. Both PACS were created on the same day, October 2nd – a month before the election.
And that’s just the beginning ..

– Glenna Milberg (@GlennaWPLG) April 12, 2021

… Note that $ 370,000 went to Our Florida PAC to support the two Shill candidates for South Florida, Rodriguez & Alfonso.
US $ 180,000 went to The Truth PAC in support of a Central Florida Shill candidate, Iannotti. @ WPLGLocal10

– Glenna Milberg (@GlennaWPLG) April 12, 2021

Back to #Florida Cong. Matt Gaetz, who NYT connects with D9 Shill candidate Jestine Iannotti …
Shill programs aren’t illegal in #Florida. is illegal campaign funding.
So #Miami has accused SAO Artiles & Rodriguez.
Not stated Central FL SAOs are on the case. @ WPLGLocal10

– Glenna Milberg (@GlennaWPLG) April 12, 2021

If there was a crime in Florida involving politicians or politicians, it seems like the chances are good that Matt Gaetz was involved.

It becomes obvious why Gaetz adored Trump. Matt Gaetz had his own one-person crime wave in the Sunshine State. Gaetz is already examining the possibility of federal criminal charges which, if convicted, would ban him for the rest of his life.

The fake candidate system has already arrested a former senator, and this could only be the start as the crime ring disguised as a state political party will be exposed.

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