The media are actually bluntly inciting Republican racism and fraud

April Ryan is the latest high profile media figure to call on the Republican Party for disliking America’s tan and cheating in the elections.


April Ryan says the Republican Party doesn’t like America’s tan and is cheating on them in the elections.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) April 11, 2021

Ryan said on CNN’s Acosta:

Donald Trump, when he was president and after his presidency, gathers the Democrats to vote. And Democrats win because of Donald Trump. And that’s why you see all of these efforts against voting rights and restrictive efforts. But I’ll come back to something Alice said. Alice said you know the party right now is a Reagan party. Maybe to a certain extent. But it’s also a party that is an anti-browning party. This is a party that doesn’t like the tan of America. This is a party that cheats on the polls.

This is a party that will do everything possible to keep trying to win. So we see that there are many sneaky tactics that have been placed in courtrooms and that have been placed in relation to the court of public opinion to the Republican Party and their efforts to get whatever they want. So the Democrats are gathering and bringing in more people. You have Stacey Abrams and more bringing up the fight against it in the elections.

Earlier this week, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said Republicans are trying to rig elections and stop any kind of voting they can’t control.

The new law to suppress Jim Crow voters in Georgia has led much of the media to speak more directly and bluntly about what Republicans are doing. There are still many outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post that are afraid to tell the direct truth about what happened, but the pendulum is moving and Republicans are no longer getting a free pass to their racism and deceit.

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