The Get together of Mad, Cranky Opportunists is warning American companies that the actual risk is the Democrats

Impressive. No backbone, no colluders, woke up – it all sounds like a very delicate mix for Republicans who are now allegedly victims of a runaway effort to fight racist GOP election politics across the country. Naturally, DeSantis is just the latest in a long line of GOP hopefuls from 2024 trying to raise their profile by slandering American corporations’ stance against Republican voter repression efforts.

The question people on both sides of the aisle are asking is: is this developing divide between Republicans and corporate interests real, and if so, how long will it last?

“I think what’s happening is new,” Steven Law, who heads the Senate PAC in conjunction with minority leader Mitch McConnell, told the Post. So far this year, political action groups have been saying that corporate donations have collapsed across the board.

This is likely due to the suspension of some corporate donations following the January 6th Donald Trump uprising, although some companies have already resumed their regular GOP programming. However, following recent Republican efforts, it remains to be seen whether corporate donations to Republicans will return to the same level as in previous cycles.

Meanwhile, one GOP official after another is mocking CEO and American corporations like drunks in a bar, while Republican activists cite Democrats as a real threat to corporate interests.

“I’m excited to see how companies will feel when they feel the wrath of this government that is going to raise their taxes,” Lisa Spies, a prominent GOP fundraiser, told the Post. Of course, she never mentioned the wrath of Republicans who criminalized Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball for speaking out while promising widespread “ramifications” for “bright” corporations.

Much like Spies, Law remains certain that Democrats raising the corporate tax rate by multiple points are a far worse fate than facing a party of rabid and capricious opportunists who could target a company at any time. Trump has done just that repeatedly, and now Republican lawmakers are stumbling on themselves to adopt an equally aggressive stance.

Anyway, all those GOP threats, Law says. Companies like Coca-Cola and Delta, he suggests, “learned the hard way”.Relying on “wrong topics” from Democrats is a risky business. Too bad the law, literally hundreds of CEOs and corporations have signed a statement against efforts to suppress GOP voters, even after being briefed by a McConnell employee . Apparently this briefing was not. ” Particularly convincing for well-known brands such as Target, Netflix, Bank of America, Facebook, Cisco, Twitter, Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, MasterCard, American Airlines and United Airlines.

Many of the signatories claim that their decision was not partisan, but rather an affirmation of the basic principles of democracy.

“We believe this is the wrong topic of conversation brought up by people trying to restrict electoral access to large sections of Americans,” said Neil Blumenthal, Co-CEO of Warby Parker, of the criticism of partisanship.

Around 60 major law firms have also vowed to crack down on electoral laws that “unnecessarily impede the right to vote and disenfranchise underrepresented groups in our country,” said Brad Karp, chairman of the heavyweight law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP.

But Republicans, both as a party and as an individual, are clearly determined to define the backlash to their repression as a partisan hit job, to create a base that will reward Culture Wars and Culture Warriors more than anything.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to imagine Republicans mitigating the heat in this battle as they battle for their position in 2024. DeSantis is just the latest example after Sens. Marco Rubio from Florida, Ted Cruz from Texas, and Josh Hawley from Missouri. All recordings were made at Corporate America and Major League Baseball, which their all-star game from Georgia because of a law suppressing Voters tore.

Whatever GOP activists tell their friends in the business world, there will be a steady stream of reprisals from the Republican megaphone as long as GOP officials continue to promote these racist laws.

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