MP Ted Lieu challenges Marjorie Taylor Greene by asking to hitch her racist caucus

Taiwanese immigrant Ted Lieu (D-CA) asked MP Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) if he could join her racist America First Caucus.

Rep. Lieu tweeted:

Dear @mtgreenee & @RepGosar, I have some questions about your Anglo-Saxon caucus:

Will non-Aryans be allowed to join?

If so, do we have to sit in the back of the room because we are not white?

Can we have fried rice and nachos during the meetings?

Asking for a friend.

– Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) April 17, 2021

The America First Caucus makes it clear what this is about by highlighting Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Saxon heritage. Rep. Lieu’s use of the term non-Aryans is particularly appropriate as the language of Rep. Taylor Greene and Gosar could have come straight from the way the Third Reich formulated its racism.

It would be interesting for Taylor Green to answer Ted Lieu.

A smart politician would never have come up with an America First white caucus, but no one has accused the founders of that caucus of being smart.

The caucus is said to annoy Trump’s supporters, but it also confirms an important point. One of the foundations of Donald Trump’s support was racism, not economic fear, and Rep. Lieu put the racism of Greene and Gosar to the test.

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