Republicans are doubling down on Biden’s American Jobs plan

It’s a loser in every way, starting with the thesis that Americans initially never liked the GOP’s tax gift to the rich and still don’t like it. A series of tax time surveys in 2019 found that the GOP tax law was consistently under water, peaking at 40%.

Yet this unfortunate slice of the Trump era is indeed the place to be Republicans planted their flag to maintain an obscenely low corporate tax rate of 21% when most Americans already believe corporations aren’t paying their fair share. In fact, multiple surveys have shown that increasing corporate taxes to fund Biden’s infrastructure package actually makes the plan more popular.

While the Republicans seem interested in waging this fight, the American company was a little more skeptical. CNBC reports that companies were “divided” over how aggressively Biden’s proposed 28% tax hike was to be tackled, which is still 7 points less than the 35% they paid before Republicans cut it. Biden’s 28% proposal is also very competitive with the tax rates of similarly located countries.

But at the end of the day, companies want and need the $ 2.3 trillion overhaul of the country’s ailing infrastructure and have given it some thought. “whether you have a big fight, “said CNBC. Furthermore, it seems almost absurd to take the position that large corporations should not help bear the cost of investments that clearly benefit them. For example, the US Chamber of Commerce said the country needed “a big and courageous program to modernize the crumbling infrastructure of our country. “But the board also rejected the tax hike, stating the plan” should over time – about 30 years – be paid for by the users who benefit from the investment. “If you missed it, somehow American companies are not getting the benefit of the investment.

But corporate opposition has already stalled. Outgoing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has thrown his weight behind Biden’s plan, specifically saying he was “Supporting a rise in corporate tax “and recognizing the” government’s focus on bold investment in American infrastructure. “The benefits of the overhaul, Bezos said, significantly outweighed the cost of increasing the tax rate by multiple points.

This week, a new center-left group affiliated with Amazon also endorsed Biden’s plan. The Chamber of Progress, a tech industry group funded by giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google, announced its support in a Medium article titled “A deal the tech industry can accept: Pay more taxes, better infrastructure received “on.

The founder and CEO of the Chamber of Progress, Adam Kovacevich, quoted none other than In his post, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen noted her remark: “By choosing to compete in taxation, we have failed to compete for the skills of our people and the strength of our infrastructure. It’s a self-defeating competition. “

In essence, Republicans’ unjustifiable stance against tax hikes is already imploding, and they’re barely a few weeks in the fight.

Even West Virginia centrist Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who promised Republican votes for the infrastructure, exists– –seems unimpressed by the GOP’s starting position for a package of $ 600 billion to $ 800 billion. “We will do whatever it takes. If it cost $ 4 trillion, I would make $ 4 trillion, but we have to pay for it, ”Manchin said Thursday, noting that lawmakers have yet to figure out what kind of investments should be included in the bill. “There is no number that should be set at all,” he added.

Anywhere Republicans land, it’s safe to say that $ 4 trillion is a long way from $ 600 billion. Manchin has also expressed openness to raising the corporate tax rate to 25%. In fact, Manchin already appears to be a little annoyed, if at all, by the relentless Republican opposition to President Biden’s proposals.

“I just hope they’ll help me a little with bipartisanism,” Manchin said of Republicans. “That’s all.”

Perhaps the GOP’s “red line” on corporate tax hikes is already thin with one of the few Senate Democrats willing to entertain Republican antics.

To sum it up, Republicans are trying to sell voters with the thought that it is worth shedding jobs to protect a corporate tax cut they never liked to be with initially, while the companies themselves are fragmented on the matter and one of the GOP’s only democratic ally continues to feel alienated.

Please go ahead, senators.

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