In style Dem. Congressman Val Demings is contemplating difficult DeSantis or Rubio in 2022

In the past 5 years, states like Georgia and Arizona have turned bluer and helped the Democrats take control of the Senate. At the same time, states like Florida and Ohio have turned redder.

Florida, once the largest swing state in the country, now has a GOP governor and two Republican senators. But that doesn’t mean that Democrats can’t win there.

Val Demings, a 10th District Congresswoman, is very popular at both the state and national levels. She was on Joe Biden’s short list of runner-up candidates. And the former policewoman could have a bigger Florida office in mind.

The congresswoman told Politico: “I got so many calls, texts and emails and got stopped by people asking me the same question while I was out and about. In fact, they think I should run for national office and maybe challenge the governor or Sen. Rubio next year. I am seriously considering running a nationwide run. And we’ll see what happens. “

Demings had a high point on the role this week during an exchange with Jim Jordan. She responded to the Jordanian police officer’s comments by saying: “I was a law enforcement officer for 27 years. It’s a tough job and good cops deserve your support. It is interesting to see that my colleagues across the aisle support the police when it is politically favorable. “

When Jordan tried to interrupt, she recklessly replied, “Have I hit a nerve?”

Watch a video of the exchange below:

Let’s just say it got pretty hot between Val Demings and Jim Jordan at today’s House Justice Meeting.

– Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) April 20, 2021

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