Republicans falter as Biden makes use of his expertise to woo Congress

One of the reasons Republican criticism of President Biden has been so muted is because he is using his experience to woo Congress.

The AP reported:
But lawmakers in the Oval Office tell a different story, of a president who is so warm, so committed, so lively – stand up, sit down, call lawmakers by their names, share stories about their hometowns – and are so determined to be them to bring, log in, work and get things done.

On the way to the door, they are offered a chocolate chip cookie, which most American snacks are, a boost to the potential partnership between this White House and Congress.

No president in the past 40 years has had a deeper understanding of how Congress works than Joe Biden. President Biden uses this experience to bring lawmakers to justice and build personal relationships, not just with the names everyone knows, but also with the members who are important subcommittees vital to the advancement of the law.

Republicans have gone mad for the president being so nice to them, but they also struggle with Biden really wanting to work with them and he tries to make connections.

One of the ways his efforts are paying off is the relatively muted criticism Biden receives from Republican Congressmen. The fringes rant about socialism and they are still trying to turn their fake border crisis into a thing, but there is none of the hostility and poison that Obama faced.

The explanation is due in part to the race, but also the fact that Biden doesn’t give them a target.

President Biden woos Congress, leaving Republicans increasingly frustrated and isolated as the popular president moves forward.

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