DeWine, Ohio GOP governor, says there’s a “clear path” to police reform

The Derek Chauvin case ended this week with the former officer convicted on three different charges. However, the case has helped shed more light on the need for police reform.

Democrats have been talking about police reform for years and this is an important part of Joe Biden’s agenda. Some Republicans are now signaling a willingness to play ball.

Mike DeWine spoke about the problem during a Sunday appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation. He said to host John Dickerson: “These are reasonable things we can do [they] shouldn’t be controversial. We can all come back. “

The governor of Ohio continued: “We have a bill before state legislation, which we have put forward, for example, which calls for much more police training and more uniform police training. We have 900 and several police departments in Ohio. Many states have many small divisions. Often times, they are not getting the training they need because of resources. “

When DeWine specifically pushed bias training, he replied, “[additional training] IThat’s what professionals want, and I’ve never met a cop who stopped training. “

In the past, some Republicans have shown willingness to push for reform. Last summer, Democrats blocked a GOP police reform bill. Kamala Harris said at the time:

“Mitch McConnell has put forward a bill asking us to either play his political game, which is about hindering the Senate’s ability to actually do something, or to play a game with him where it is only about meeting their political concerns, not the real concerns of the American people about the reality of two judicial systems in America. And we’re not going to play this game. And we are not played. “

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