Neighborhood Highlight: Do not Mess With The Pootie Individuals!

It actually went on. The PCB peeps are an essential feature of Daily Kos. The group is a haven on bad news days, an extra lift on good days and an ironic look at life and at least one laugh every day in between. The group is now led by The Martiwho goes by the title “Pootie Princess” and who says the team “has kept the tradition and added a variety of diary writers, each with their own talent. Because peeps … are best there! “

You will always be our pootie queen.

“One reason I joined,” wrote Dixiecollie, “(Or at least why I write my Woozle issue on Wednesday night) is to get those Woozle numbers (dog numbers). Wednesday is the day the pooties (cats) rest and the woozles glow. ” BMScott, who maintains the daily links and lists of the Cossacks who could use a hand from the community, says, “The PWB diaries were more or less my ‘home’ at DK, and I didn’t want the community links to go away: I’m not sure what I came to DK for, but I definitely stayed for the community in large part! “

It’s just another way of saying, “Came for politics, stayed for the community,” as so many of us do. Whatever the different ways brought us here, this is where we stayed. “Politics can be pretty rough” elenacarlena wrote. “I feel obliged to read all the bad, mostly political news and help where I can, but it gets emotionally exhausting. In community diaries and especially in the PWB peeps with their cute animals and humor, I take a break, relax and chat with friends, give and receive support, laugh a few times. Then I am full of energy again and can get back into the fight. “

It is important to be in combat, and this week’s rescues reflect the variety of struggles we face. From deadly serious questions of justice and reform to the lighter dilemmas involved in disposing of precious possessions, our rescues this week are crucial.


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Paul Abrams suggests that the best way to get an infrastructure bill passed with Republican support is to tie improvements to their states in This is how you get 100 Senate votes for infrastructure. He argues that “Republicans don’t want an infrastructure bill at all for two reasons: it will put the final nail in the coffin of the mantra they use,” government spending kills the economy “(and official Washington has more or less swallowed it) for 50 years; and it will make President Biden and Democrats look good over the next two election cycles with the “It’s Tomorrow Again in America” memes. ”One possible solution he proposes is to put the amount of infrastructure spending straight to each Senator’s vote to tie. While the given solution is impractical, it is a creative step in overcoming the congestion the Republican opposition to everything has created and can point a way forward on a wide variety of issues. Paul Abrams has been a Cossack since 2008 and has written 34 stories. This is his second salvation.

A side effect of gentrification is the way in which locals are evicted from common public spaces. grog examines such an example in Denver’s City Park and Road Closures: A New Generation of White Claims Issued. As part of the COVID-19 lockdown, the city of Denver has closed parts or most of the three public parks to vehicle traffic. Now that the restrictions are easing, some residents (mostly young, white, good-natured) are campaigning for the city to keep the cars out of public parks, where the park’s driving behavior has rallied ad hoc for generations to people of color Oldtimer “means. Sitting on lawn chairs next to the car, smoking a cigar or talking to friends, massive family picnics that are only possible by catching up with things in a car, napping in the car (yes, that’s one thing here) and, “notes Grog , such access is essential for “people with mobility problems”. The proposed restriction of access to the MLK monument has come to a head. The new residents don’t think they are racist, but their actions say otherwise. “Basically, it’s about keeping ‘others’ out of ‘their’ areas of the park that are normally open and accessible to everyone.” YIMBY is coming to a neighborhood near you. As a longtime community member, Grog has written 68 stories. This is his eighth salvation.

Wayneonly immersed in the mentality that makes it possible to remove humanity from entire groups of people in NHI: Nobody involved. NHI is police jargon and stands for “no people involved”, an informal classification assigned to a crime that gives it a low priority because its victim has a low social status. Low social status is just a euphemism for “not worthy” consideration. ‘”Wayneonly takes us through some times in US history when the NHI mindset is clear when atrocities were committed because the victims were deemed” not worth considering. “From current police policies that emerged from the system of slave control From the internment of the Japanese in World War II to Jim Crow and segregation, it is all about releasing the humanity of others for the sake of control or eradication, and this is not just relegated to the past – the dehumanization continues to this day … and the news is full of stories where the NHI mentality created dire situations. Wayneonly has written 16 stories, two of which were saved.

Coming from a personal story of sport lovers who enjoy drinking, Claw rule relates its development in understanding of a “blue collar” type to a mature and enlightened individual in How I view the transgender problem. Because gender is not a “problem”. “The bubbleheads in the media repeatedly referred to trans-rights as a ‘problem’. Problems are controversial, they are discussed in the context of policy development. A bridge that needs fixing is a problem. If you frame something as a problem, fix it You set it up automatically for a false ambiguity. You set it up to be discussed as something to be ignored, as something that cannot be allowed. ”The“ issues ”that law likes to frame are life and the well-being of the people. Transgender are not an issue: Transgender are people. Rule of Claw wrote 102 stories for Daily Kos.

Neelyja debuts with Daily Kos The way to end abortion: make it unnecessary. Anti-electoral forces have since rejected women’s right to control their procreation Roe v. calf In 1973 and now, with a hard ideological majority in the Supreme Court, the country is on the verge of not only banning abortion, but also taking increasingly invasive measures to control people who may or may be pregnant. She writes, “If Republicans were genuinely interested in protecting born and unborn mothers and children, they would focus on making abortion unnecessary.” But of course that’s the opposite of what they do. This is Neelyja’s first story and first rescue.

After Derek Chauvin was sentenced Dratler wonder What will justice look like? in the future. If, instead of a brutal arrest and violent subdual, George Floyd had been treated with the protocols appropriate to a low-level crime and possible mistake in handing over fake $ 20; If police were not run by martinets but were judged by population satisfaction rather than an impossible metric for “crime prevented” what would policing be like? What will justice look like? “We will encourage the police to use their intelligence, human judgment and contact with people to weed out the really bad actors and leave cases of harmless negligence and mental illness to unarmed specialists.” It’s a model worth trying out since the model we have now has failed so miserably. Dratler has written 105 stories for Daily Kos. This is her sixth salvation.

Irresistible power meets limited storage space in MT Spaces‘World in Bookchat: to keep or not to keep – why ask this question? while the author struggles with the eternal struggle of book lovers everywhere: decide what to keep, what to give away, to dispose of and how? A library becomes a series of collections packed and sorted by genre, but the dilemma still persists: “I am no longer able to intelligently use this mountain of cardboard boxes, precisely curate volumes for research, or mine am display most collectable books properly. “The author is making progress, but” keep or not keep “is still an open question. MT Spaces, who has collected books around the world, has written 15 stories. This is her fourth salvation.

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