New Mexico Metropolis sends the $ 200,000 Trump marketing campaign invoice to the debt assortment company

The Albuquerque Mayor is not the first official to issue a statement on Trump’s campaign rallies, their costs, and his tendency to leave huge bills on state and city budgets to reconcile. Strangely combed Conman was still in office when he was in office Minneapolis, Minnesota Mayor Jacob Frey sent the Trump campaign an estimated $ 500,000 preventive safety bill in October 2019.

Back in November, Newsweek reported that the losers campaign owed various local authorities at least $ 850,000 for the cost of its rallies. The city of El Paso, Texas, which found the twice-accused president owed $ 500,000, was hired by outside legal counsel in November 2020 to help clear that debt. El Paso officials say the debt has been outstanding since February 2019.

The Trump campaign began ensuring it could speak out for poverty right after Trump was defeated on November 6th. Campaign money has reportedly been pouring swiftly into a variety of Trump companies while Trump and friends raised money from his attempts to overthrow election results. Aside from enrichment, it is also a great way to stiffen other people who are waiting to be paid.

Republicans like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem were the mother of Donald Trump’s corruption, not only because they found it politically beneficial to side with Trump, but also because they benefited from the same campaign to finance corruption.

When the news agency reached out for comment, the Trump campaign emailed KOB 4 to “review your request.”

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