Donald Trump Jr. arrested on oath below the oath within the lawsuit

Donald Trump Jr. was caught making several false statements when testifying in the Trump Initiation Committee lawsuit.

Mother Jones reported:

During his dismissal, Trump Jr. frequently replied, “I don’t remember,” and played down his involvement in preparing for his father’s inauguration in January 2017. In several conversations he made statements contradicted by documents or memories of others and that seems to be wrong. One of the clearest instances of Trump Jr. failing to testify came when he was asked about Winston Wolkoff.


During his dismissal, Trump Jr. was asked about Winston Wolkoff: “Do you know her?” He replied, “I know her. I think I met her, but I don’t know her. If she were in this room, I wouldn’t be sure if I would recognize her. “He added,” I had no relationship with her. “

Trump Jr.’s testimony was false when he is videotaped with Wolkoff.

The former president’s son appeared to be making several false and misleading statements during the testimony when he pulled out of his father’s playbook to pretend not to know any people he was interviewed about while discussing his own involvement in the potentially criminal abuse of Downplayed housewarming fees.

This story is a reminder that the legal endangerment of the Trump family is only just beginning. The Trumps have avoided legal ramifications for their behavior for decades by destroying evidence and lying under oath.

Trump’s children are just like him. The rotten apples fell from a criminally sick tree.

Trump’s business model is to grill and cheat. If caught they lie, but this time Donald Trump Jr.’s lies don’t go unnoticed.

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