Additional proof that the previous man is pale even amongst Republicans

From NBC News:

(Trump’s) ratings among all adults are 32 percent favorable, 55 percent unfavorable, which is below his rating in January (40 percent positive, 53 percent unfavorable for registered voters) as well as at the point where he was shortly before the election (43 percent cheap, 52 percent unfavorable among the registered voters).


Even Trump’s attraction within his own party seems to have waned. 44 percent of Republicans say they are more supporters of Trump than the GOP, up from 50 percent who say they are more supporters of the GOP than the former president.

It’s the first time since July 2019 that party fans outnumber Trump fans in our poll, and it’s also the first time that party fans have scored 50 percent on this issue.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s numbers continue to impress: 50% of respondents rate him positively and only 36% negatively.

Four years from now, I hope this guy will be little more than a mound of trembling aspic they trot in a wheelbarrow for KFC ribbon cutting ceremonies. But it is possible that Trump will still come back. Because of this, it’s important for Joe Biden to keep building better at his current pace.

We now have a smart, competent president, and people seem increasingly pleased with the new status quo. God forbid we will ever return to the years of error.

“This guy is a natural. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry. “ – – Bette means on author Aldous J. Pennyfarthing via Twitter. In need of a thorough Trump clean? Thanks to Goodbye Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump, Dear F * cking Lunatic, Dear President A ** clown and Dear damn idiotcan you purge the Trump years of your soul without the existential fear. Just laugh out of here. Click these links, yo!

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