WATCH: Fox Panel believes free faculty could be unfair for the youngsters whose mother and father can afford it

American wages have risen at a snail’s pace over the past 30 years. At the same time, the cost of higher education has risen dramatically. College education is becoming almost impossible for low- and middle-income families to afford.

The Joe Biden government requires that both preschool and community college be offered free to all Americans. A White House spokesman said: “We consider the American Family Plan to be a core element of President Biden’s strategy to rebuild and create a strong and inclusive economy for the future. “

The plan would obviously benefit many Americans on both sides of the aisle. Of course, the hosts at Fox and Friends had to tell their viewers that it was a bad idea.

Host Ainsley Earhardt complained: “Think of free college. If your family isn’t making a lot of money, there is such a thing as a scholarship. You can request this now. We don’t have to give every single person a free college. … If you made the effort to get into college, they can give you a scholarship. If you deserve it. “

Ainsley Earhardt: “Think of a free college. If your family doesn’t make a lot of money, there’s a scholarship. You can apply now. We don’t have to give everyone a free college.”

– Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) April 28, 2021

Brian Kilmeade then weighed: “We’re going to have a free community college – free for people to go, but it’s going to cost half of America that money. Free Pre-K – and you have the expense calculation beyond that. [It would] Basically a slowly but surely socialized economic system that we have. “

Regardless of the arguments put forward by the Fox hosts, the idea of ​​the free community college is hugely popular with voters. A recent study showed that 63% of Americans supported the idea.

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