Arizona and Idaho be a part of the listing of states adopting new pro-life legal guidelines

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) added his state to the list of states that passed new, tough pro-life laws by signing Senate Draft 1457 protecting unborn children with genetic abnormalities such as the Down- Extended syndrome.

The new law makes it a Grade 6 crime in Arizona to perform an abortion solely for a genetic abnormality, or to accept or solicit money to fund such an abortion.

Ducey explained: “There is immeasurable value in every single life – regardless of genetic makeup. We will continue to prioritize protecting the lives of our preborn children, and this legislation goes a long way toward protecting real human life. “

Arizona remains one of the top pro-life states in the country. My sincere thanks go to Senator Nancy Barto for her guidance and work on this lifesaving issue and to those who supported this bill. # SB1457 @azpolicy 2/2

– Doug Ducey (@dougducey) April 27, 2021

Arizona hasn’t been the only state to take action in the past few days.

In Idaho, Governor Brad Little signed a bill on Tuesday making it illegal for a woman to terminate her pregnancy if a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

However, there is a “trigger” for the law that says it will not go into effect until a similar law is upheld by a federal appeals court.

In a statement, Little said:

“Idaho is a state that values ​​the most innocent of all life – the lives of babies. We should never give in to protect the preborn’s life. Hundreds and hundreds of babies lose their lives in Idaho every year due to abortion, an absolute tragedy. I appreciate Idaho lawmakers for continuing to protect lives by passing these important laws, and I am proud to sign the bill today. “

The bill prohibits abortions after a baby’s heartbeat is detected about five or six weeks after conception. The legislation provides exemptions for medical emergencies and pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. #IDLeg

– Brad Little (@GovernorLittle) April 27, 2021

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Some specifics of the Arizona and Idaho bills

The Arizona bill was party-politically passed by the Republican-controlled legislature without Democrats voting in favor.

ABC reports that Governor Ducey never vetoed any part of the pro-life legislation.

The bill had stalled twice in the Arizona Senate but was passed by lawmakers last week.

The bill also prohibits the shipping or delivery of abortive drugs.

SB 1457 also prohibits abortion providers from receiving government funds.

Idaho law has exceptions for rape and incest if the woman can file a police report.

Violating Idaho law would result in a prison sentence of up to five years, and the pregnant woman could sue the abortion provider. However, as mentioned earlier, the law does not come into effect until a federal court upholds a similar law from another state.

Governor @dougducey signed # SB1457 this afternoon, sponsored by Senator @NancyBarto.

More on the invoice: // #ProLife

– AZSenateRepublicans (@AZSenateGOP) April 27, 2021

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States with the strictest pro-life laws

Arizona and Idaho join a number of states that have tightened abortion laws. According to US News and World Report, lawmakers in 45 states have passed over 250 abortion-related laws.

Between January 2017 and November 2020, 88.7% of these laws restricted abortion more severely. Only seven states were responsible for the majority of these stricter anti-abortion laws – Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Utah.

The spectrum of laws includes everything from funding restrictions and restrictions for doctors to waiting times for patients and pregnancy restrictions.

Several of these laws would result in a total ban on abortion in one state if Roe v. Calf be lifted.

A student asked me today if I was for life or for choice. And I said, “That’s a badly framed question. You are using a political catchphrase that is essentially meaningless. I am Pro-LIFE in the truest sense of the word. I believe every living person should have the opportunity

– Big Sigh (@Big_SighLC) April 27, 2021

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Democratic Response to the Arizona Bill

As expected, the Democrats were disappointed with the new legislation.

Arizona State Representative Diego Espinoza of Tolleson tweeted a statement that read, “Gov. Ducey’s decision to sign SB1457 is not pro-life. It’s against families, against women and against doctors. I am disappointed to see Arizona move in this direction, ignoring the needs and wants of doctors, women and families for an extreme political agenda. “

Democratic MP Jennifer Longdon said in a tweet, “This is a really sad day in Arizona.” The Arizona Democrats have described the bill as “part of a larger campaign to stigmatize abortion”.

Murphy Bannerman of Planned Parenthood Advocates in Arizona said, “It’s been a really disappointing day for Arizonans across our state.” She continued, “Yesterday we filed a petition with over 2,000 signatures calling on the governor to veto this bill. There are a number of reasons why people make these decisions. It’s not black and white and it’s frustrating because it really uses the disabled community as farmers. “

“This bill will clearly put women’s lives at risk by making it more difficult for women who need them to get abortions. This bill puts the government directly in the doctor-patient relationship. “–Senator @Rios_Rebecca at # SB1457 #HandsOffAZ

– Arizona Senate Democrats (@AZSenateDems) April 26, 2021

In Idaho, Planned Parenthood-West tweeted a statement that read, “Let’s be clear, nothing changes now or in the future. Abortion is still legal in Idaho after six weeks. This is a trigger law that would ONLY begin if a similar ban is upheld in a separate court. And of course we will sue and then stop it. “

Let’s be clear: nothing changes now or in the future. Abortion is still legal in Idaho after six weeks. This is a trigger law that would ONLY begin if a similar ban is upheld in a separate court. And of course we will sue and then stop it. #idleg #idpol #politicalgames

– Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates – West (@PPAAWest) April 27, 2021

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