China slams Trump’s pandemic response, saying Individuals paid “a heavy worth” for inaction

The Chinese government urged the Biden government to “learn its lesson” from the Trump era and not blame Beijing for the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As the world’s leading superpower, the US has done great damage to international anti-epidemic cooperation, paying a heavy price to the American people and many more around the world,” said Chinese State Department spokesman Wang Wenbin, former President Donald Donald Trump and his administration spread “false information” about the origins of the pandemic and further ignited US-China relations.

China’s remarks followed Defense Intelligence Director Scott Berrier, while testifying before the Senate Armed Forces Committee, said China and Russia are “using the COVID-19 circumstances to wage an information war aimed at undermining Western governments, attacking coalitions, and economic as well to force political results in their favor “.

Last year, China accused Trump to put personal self-interest before American interests.

During his daily press conference Chinese State Department spokesman Zhao Lijian said Trump, who threatened to pull American companies out of China, has chosen to “violate the will of business” and is trying to force companies into “normal investments” Behavior that is “contrary” to market economy law, which will ultimately harm itself. ”

Trump has been criticized many times over the past year for using the term “China virus” to refer to the novel coronavirus, the virus that causes Covid-19. Trump used the term frequently in official communications through his Twitter account. It has also been picked up by right-wing news outlets like Fox News, who have designed their coverage to specifically hold the Chinese government responsible for the pandemic and its impact on American life.

With this in mind, human rights groups have expressed concern that the use of the term would contribute to an increase in anti-Asian violence as numerous locations across the country report random attacks against Asian citizens. In the last few weeks, a national discussion on anti-Asian violence has been the focus Authorities arrested a Sagittarius who shot eight people and injured one three spas in the Atlanta area. Six of the victims were women of Asian origin. Hate crimes have also increased. In addition, a recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health that found Trump’s rhetoric led to a surge in anti-Asian sentiment on the internet

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