The West Virginia governor was shocked on reside tv when the MSNBC host grilled him on anti-trans invoice

Ruhle advised the judiciary that there was no shortage of topics in West Virginia. For example in terms of infrastructure, education and business. With so many urgent problems, why prioritize one bill that he cannot give a specific example of a related problem?

The judiciary dealt with this issue by distracting. “It wasn’t my bill,” he said, emphasizing that lawmakers had sent it to him and signed it. He added that he “signs hundreds of bills, hundreds of bills. This is not a priority for me. “

So, if it’s not a priority for him and he doesn’t have specific examples of trans girls causing problems by playing on girls’ sports teams in his state, what was his rationale for endorsing and signing the law? He referred to his coaching experience as his reasoning, but again did not cite any specific incident in his own experience.

“Not you, your state,” Ruhle clarified when Justice said he had no personal example to share. “Sir,” she continued. “Can you give me an example of a transgender child trying to get an unfair advantage in your state, just one? You signed an invoice about it. “

“I’m coaching a girl’s basketball team and I can tell you we all know the absolute advantage boys would have over girls,” Justice said. “We do not need that.” Mind you, nobody is suggesting that cisgender boys compete against cisgender girls. We’re talking about trans girls – who are girls – playing with and against cisgender girls. It is transphobic and exclusive to characterize trans girls as boys when they are essentially not.

Like many other Republicans struggling to keep trans girls on the sidelines, the judiciary suggested that his support for the law aimed to protect girls in sports. Justice said he signed the bill because he believes, “From a coach’s point of view, I believe girls work so hard to get Title IX and I now have no idea why we’re trying to get them to participate disadvantaging a sport that they have invested so much in. “He also repeated,” This isn’t like it’s a huge priority for me. “

In the end, Ruhle thanked the governor and encouraged him to come back … if he has something to share “beyond anecdotal feelings as a coach” and is able to “show me evidence of where these young women are disadvantaged in your state” .

You can check out the video below.

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