Information Roundup: Extra Costs for Chauvin; GOP can not defend anti-trans invoice; Gaetz ‘pimp speaks

It is Friday! Another long week full of news about our country’s march towards normalcy and beyond! The Republican Party continues its attempts to thwart laws that could actually improve the lives of Americans. As we approach another weekend there is always hope because a competent administration is in place and the republican death cult has no control over the legislature to this day.

Here are some things you may have missed:

The DOJ is reported to have two indictments against Derek Chauvin
There’s an important special election coming up in Texas on Saturday, but can Democrats avoid a lockout?
Gaetz’s pimp confirmed sex with minors in a failed pardon attempt with Roger Stone
Parents who opposed an anti-trans bill in Arkansas were arrested for speaking for 30 seconds
Many people seem eager to impersonate bad bosses through COVID-19 relief

And from the Daily Kos Community:

Rudy and Andrew Giuliani respond to the FBI search warrant by whining, crying and lying
Oops! The White House Chief of Staff cast shadows over Sen Tim Scott’s response to the President’s address. Deep!

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