Employers are outraged that staff will not crawl to work for peanuts in a pandemic

A woman who is bartending as a second job in Florida told the Sun Sentinel in South Florida that she had seen many people leave the restaurant industry for other careers. “partly due to COVID and the changing hours and not making money consistently. “The people she was talking about had gone into areas like nursing and accounting – but entrepreneurs looking for applicants don’t talk about the people who went elsewhere, they talk like everyone is just sitting at home.

And about it. People still have children at home to be responsible for, as evidenced by even this series of employer sob stories from the Wall Street Journal. They are still afraid of contracting COVID-19 because here too many have experienced bosses who will endanger their health.

Some of these bosses are the same ones mentioned in articles about the difficulty of hiring people, as Anne Helen Petersen noted: “In Waterville, Ohio, for example, There’s this sad, sad song about the difficulty of finding workers at Dale’s Bar & Grill – which somehow fails to mention that it is the owner a covid hoaxer (He believes doctors have mistakenly labeled deaths as covid-related) and has shamelessly violated masking rules and has not required staff to wear masks. “

Fox News Business interviewed a California restaurant owner who was annoyed that his former employees were looking for “He told them he would only allow them to come back and work full time or the same shift they were on before. “This restaurateur has previously been seen explaining to the Los Angeles Times why he defied a shutdown order. Now, with his workers, he’s all “it’s my way or the freeway” and when they choose the freeway he whines about it. I don’t know, maybe give people a little flexibility and respect to live up to their changed lives after 13 months of historic pandemic.

And yes, there is a money problem. “Even for unskilled positions,” one of the employers who spoke to the Wall Street Journal offers “several dollars above the minimum wage.” What a size! Except it doesn’t get a lot of buyers, so you might bid more. Even with the current $ 300 weekly unemployment insurance supplement, 58% of people would earn at least that much in their previous jobs, and frankly, that says more about the jobs than the people.

Florida offers another program from the genre of “struggling employers” and a high-profile politician – Sen. Marco Rubio – tweet “Florida small business owners all tell me the same thing, they can’t find people to fill vacancies. You can come up with all sorts of reasons and go through any Ivy League studies you want, but what common sense tells you is the reason? ”

What is common sense telling me, is the reason, Marco? Well, The maximum state unemployment benefit is $ 275 per week, which means that people with the additional $ 300 will get a maximum of $ 575 per week. That said, if unemployment pays more than work, then work pays less than $ 14.50 an hour when working full-time – which is again the maximum and in a state notorious for delays in unemployment benefits. Most people are likely to get significantly less, and a living wage for a single person with no children in Florida is $ 14.82 an hour. So I think Florida employers need to offer higher wages.

“IIf I have learned anything about American capitalism, ”writes Anne Helen Petersen,“ it is the ability and speed with which resistance translates into personal, moral failure – that is exactly what so many of these business owners and politicians have done. ” Exactly. The workers say “enough”. If bosses don’t pay a living wage and respect the health and safety of their workers, people who gutted him through a year of terror and watch their loved ones get sick and die may not be so willing to crawl over. This is not a personal failure, and speaking shows how bad your values ​​are. Not that there was any doubt when it came to Marco Rubio, for example.

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