Tens of hundreds of People are alive at the moment as a result of Joe Biden is president

President Biden reminded the American people that the success of his administration’s coronavirus vaccination program has saved tens of thousands of lives.


President Biden points out that his successful rollout of coronavirus vaccination has already saved tens of thousands of American lives.

These people are probably alive today because Joe Biden is President.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) May 4, 2021

President Biden said:

As everyone knows, I promised to give 100 million shots in my first 100 days. After achieving that goal, we doubled it to a historic 200 million shots. When we hit 100 days last week, we broke that mark with over 220 million gun shots. The way we stand here today, nearly 150 million Americans got at least one shot. Over 105 million Americans are fully vaccinated. The most vulnerable populations include seniors and we are approaching 85% of those who received their first shot and 70% of seniors are fully vaccinated.

It’s a dramatic turn from our January level, and less than 2% of adults and less than 1% of seniors have been vaccinated. Additionally, cases have decreased in 40 states in the past two weeks. Deaths have fallen dramatically since January. Over 80% decrease in seniors, including an 80% decrease in Hispanics and a 70% decrease in seniors in African Americans. There are tens of thousands of Americans living today who would otherwise not be alive if they did not have access to a rapid vaccination program. Mothers, fathers, neighbors, old friends, they are here now and thank God for it.

The American people know that the previous administration made the pandemic worse by refusing to act as the federal government and take responsibility for the virus. Nothing in their behavior suggests that they handled the vaccine rollout differently than PSA, which resulted in states having to fight each other and fend for themselves.

One of the biggest consequences of Joe Biden’s 2020 victory is that tens of thousands of American lives have been saved because he is President and Donald Trump is not.

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