The Republican Get together is idling, and that’s what makes it so harmful

The responses protesters receive from those they face outside of schools are illuminating. Some of the children ask about the source of the data. Some try to give them masks. The black family they face – where the father also happens to be a doctor who works in public health – tries to rationalize with them about the need for masks, the importance of mutual protection, and why masks have nothing to do with slavery do have to speak. In response, they are told that masks and COVID-19 are part of a globalist themselves Agenda for the “depopulation of the world”.


A protester tells Dr. Pope Black, that the masks are “a form of slavery”. His daughter exclaims, “We went through slavery, you didn’t!”

– Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) May 3, 2021

The protesters also pull a response from a middle school girl that is not exactly appropriate … except that it is perfectly appropriate for a 12 year old who is confronted outside of her middle school by strangers who insist on jeopardizing her health and taking her picture appears.

The nature of Westboro Baptist Church is no accident. There have always been fringe groups that existed just because they realized that dealing with hatred was enough to generate income from others who shared that hatred. But what has changed – and has changed very quickly – is how protests like this have become central to the Republican Party. It doesn’t matter if the protests are anti-maskers in Los Angeles or people waving AR-15s over themselves in Frankfort, Kentucky. The point is the same: the ability to create discomfort and anger is not a means to an end, it is the end.

As Bloomberg notes, the main reason Republicans in Congress and state officials continue to support Donald Trump even as Trump becomes an increasingly marginalized figure has nothing to do with advancing a vision for the nation or even believing Trump’s claims about election fraud. The main purpose is simply to convince Republican voters that their representatives will do whatever it takes with them to hurt the Democrats.

Bills To Torture Trans Youth? Check. Bills to push back black Americans’ voting rights? Check. Bills to make it legal to drive over protesting murders committed by police? Check.

Even the idea that these bills could give Republicans a competitive edge in the next round of elections could be a side effect. The main purpose is to serve the narrative, and the narrative is, “We do this because it hurts them.”

That’s why problems that really don’t exist – trans girls triumphing over their cis-gender opponents, millions of illegal votes generated by voting machines, microchips in vaccines, and the globalist attempt to somehow depopulate the world by they get people to wear masks – themes for the modern Republican Party are perfect. Real problems have real solutions. Imaginary problems cannot be solved, which makes them endless engines to generate what Republicans really need right now: enemies.

These fictional subjects generate an endless series of beliefs. Failure to observe any of them can lead to banishment. Ask Justin Amash. Ask Jeff Flake. Ask Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney. A party dealing with hatred of belief can and does increase the number of barriers to membership and demands that those barriers be overcome. Or but.

January 6th was not an expression of a rational party trying to solve real problems. It was the product of a hate machine that burns conspiracy theories for fuel and creates incandescent hatred for fellow Americans. That’s where the Republican Party is now. In terms of a positive agenda to move the nation forward … you have nothing. That makes them extremely dangerous.

The party serves people whose joy is causing pain to others. This is the tiger they climbed. None of them have any idea how to get out. And increasingly, the face of the party – from Marjorie Taylor Greene to Josh Hawley – is made up of those who enjoy the ride.

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