Hundreds of thousands of tenants are susceptible to eviction if they aren’t supported by emergency lease quickly

“Emergency rental assistance is a big new program that is very difficult to do, and it is still relatively early in the process that Congress is considering to help tenants who need it,” he added added. The state housing authorities did not have much time, but there are eight weeks left before the eviction moratorium expires. The stakes are incredibly high for the people who have those eight weeks to catch up on a year’s rent and then take to the streets.

In fact, despite the moratorium, many tenants were already facing eviction proceedings. On Monday, the Biden government warned many large landlords and debt collection agencies to abide by the moratorium after a report by the nonprofit private equity stakeholder project found that large landlords had been evictions since the moratorium went into effect in September, which totaled 57,000 2020.

“With evictions threatened by millions of families across the country, it is important that landlords and debt collection agencies understand and honor their commitments,” said Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission wrote in a letter to the landlord. “We continue to monitor this area and will act as necessary to protect tenants.” Legal action is possible if eviction requests continue, the letter says – but only a few days later, the existence of the moratorium was called into question.

The $ 46 billion federal rental support will help improve the emergency … when it reaches tenants. But until then, tenants will live in fear and small landlords will struggle. The courts could be on the verge of making the situation much worse.

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