“As I write this, it brings me to tears”: Police officer Michael Fanone is writing a letter to Congress

Although Fanone did not name specific officials in his letter, this is not the first time he has called on elected officials to downplay the January 6 events. In a tearful interview with CNN on April 27, Fanone spoke publicly about his experience during the Capitol Rising for the first time in months. Several Republicans, including former President Donald Trump and Senator Ron Johnson downplayed the uprising by using language to make events less serious.

Fanone, a DC Metropolitan police officer, was brutally attacked and repeatedly beaten by rioters who used metal pipes and shocked him multiple times with a taser. During his interview with CNN, he mentioned that the attack he was exposed to was “the most brutal, ferocious hand-to-hand combat of my entire life.” Rioters even allegedly threatened to kill Fanone with his own gun, he said. Not only did he have a mild heart attack, but he was hospitalized for two days as a result of the attack.

In his letter to Congress earlier this week, he expanded on that experience, noting that “the physical injuries gradually subsided and the psychological trauma crept in”. He wrote to officials asking them to acknowledge the actions of several officials who have saved “countless” members of Congress and their staff from “almost certain injury and even death.”

“The fighting here was downright brutal,” Fanone wrote in the letter. “I’ve watched about thirty police officers standing shoulder to shoulder, maybe four or five side by side, using the weight of their own bodies to hold back the onslaught of violent attackers.” He continued, “Many of these officers were injured, bleeding and tired, but they kept fighting.” Fanone added that during the uprising, “there were no volunteers, only those who have identified injured colleagues who may need help. I have never seen so much courage, courage and selflessness. “

At least five people died during the riot, including the Capitol police officer Brian Sicknickwho was hit by a fire extinguisher during the event. Dozens of others were injured.

In an interview on his letter, Fanone told CBS News that he was not looking for an award but would rather describe the attack and those who defended democracy to individuals, including elected officials.

According to The Washington PostWhen the letter went viral on the special media, DC Police Chief Robert J. Contee III sent a message to all members of the force stating that all officers received mayoral recognition for bravery in “restoring democracy.” can be obtained.

Read the entire letter below:

To all elected members of the United States Government,

My name is Michael Fanone and I was a sworn officer in the Metropolitan Police

Department for nearly two decades. On January 6, 2021, I was serving in the defense of the United States Capitol and was seriously injured as a result of my efforts. I was dragged away from my colleagues into the crowd, beaten with fists and metal objects, stripped of my issued badge, radio and ammunition magazine, and electrocuted several times with a taser. I am writing to help you better understand my experience that day.

I am on the First District Crime Suppression Team, and while my day-to-day responsibilities include combating violent and narcotic crime, like many other officials, I have made it my business to respond to the numerous calls for help from my colleagues at the Capitol Complex. When I arrived, my partner Jimmy Albright and I were looking for an area where we could be most helpful and eventually found our way to the lower tunnel entrance to the West Terrace to the Capitol. The fighting here was downright brutal. I watched about thirty police officers standing shoulder to shoulder, maybe four or five side by side, using the weight of their own bodies to hold back the onslaught of violent attackers. Many of these officers were injured, bleeding, and tired, but they kept fighting.

In the midst of this fighting, I watched Commander Ramey Kyle, cool and calm, gathering orders to his officers. “Stay tuned.” It was the most inspiring moment of my entire life. Even if I write this, it brings me to tears. I tried to help some of the injured officers and ask them if they needed a break. There were no volunteers, just those who identified injured colleagues who might need help. I have never seen so much courage, courage and selflessness.

Since then I have struggled with many aspects of that day. As the physical injuries gradually subsided, the psychological trauma crept in. In many ways, I still live my life as if it were January 7th, 2021. I struggle daily with the emotional fear of having survived such a traumatic event, but I also struggle with the fear of hearing those who the Continue to downplay events of that day and those who with their lack of appreciation would completely ignore them. The indifference to my colleagues and me is a shame.

It has been 119 days since 850 Metropolitan Police (MPDC) officers responded to the Capitol and prevented a violent riot from taking over the Capitol complex, saving countless members of Congress and their staff from near-certain injury and even death. The time to fully realize these officer actions is NOW!

With best regards,

Michael Fanone

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